’90 Day Fiance’ Ashley Michelle Wants Fans To Pay Off Debt

Ashley Michelle - 90 Day Fiance - TLC YouTube

Ashley Michelle and Manuel Velez Rojas debuted in Season 10 of 90 Day Fiance and now she’s pleading with fans to help her clear her massive debt. Remember, the TLC star confessed she had a lot of debt and Manuel felt shocked. They met in Ecuador when she studied marine biology, and she only disclosed her debt when they discussed a postnup.

Ashley Michelle’s Huge Debt

The couple brought a lot of drama to 90 Day Fiance. The TLC duo seemed incompatible as she believes herself to be a witch and he was raised in the Catholic faith. Their 10-year on-again, off-again long-distance relationship seemed to have worked, despite their differences. However, she still struggles with the burden of debt.

Manuel Velez, Ashley Michelle-90 Day Fiance-YouTube
Manuel Velez, Ashley Michelle-90 Day Fiance-YouTube

Ashley Michelle seems to be in a position where debt shouldn’t be a big problem. After all, she does astrology, reads tarots, and does her witchcraft. Certainly, she spent money on Manuel. So, it was a shock to discover that she claimed she owed debts over $100K. Fans found out when she appeared in a recent episode of Happily Ever After?

90 Day Fiance Star Calls For Fans To Help Pay

This week, the TLC star had been promoting her Cameo account and asking fans to buy messages. Over there, she charges $40 for a personal video. In her Instagram Stories, the not-shy personality straight up asked her 90 Day Fiance fan base to help. In her story, she wrote:

Wanna help me pay back my student loan debt?

Ashley Michelle - Instagram Stories
Ashley Michelle – Instagram Stories

Unusually, for Reddit, some TLC fans think it’s really funny that Ashley Michelle blindsided Manuel with her debt reveal. Recall, he wasn’t too keen on a postnup, but now he’s there for it like a bear. However, that probably doesn’t mean too many people will help her clear debts.

In the comments, one member of the group said:

Love that Manuel got played at his own game. Suddenly, upon finding out about Ashley’s debt, he now wants the post-nup too! Hilarious!

Ashely Michelle and Manuel argue about her spending habits - 90 Day Fiance - TLC
Ashley Michelle and Manuel argue about her spending habits – 90 Day Fiance – TLC

It seems other TLC fans have little sympathy for the 90 Day Fiance star who went on and on about how she wants to spend money on herself. Here are a few more thoughts:

  • Pretty sure Ashley just got played at her own game tho…
  • love that Ashley’s lawyer was just like “I’m a lawyer not a psychologist counselor. Lmk when you’re ready for the post nuptial. Peace.”
  • Poor schmuck couldn’t WAIT for that consultation to end! He was SO uncomfortable.

What are your thoughts about Ashley Michelle wanting TLC fans to pay her debts? Do you think anyone will do that? Perhaps they might buy a Cameo from her, but will they spend a lot of money to fix her finances? Would you? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your 90 Day Fiance news.

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