Rachel Leviss Wants To Change Her Name Yet Again

Rachel Leviss

Rachel Leviss wants to change her name yet again. Fans do not approve of what she is trying to do and have made it clear. Rachel has been hated ever since Scandoval became public. No one can take her seriously and she does not have any fans. She already changed her name once after she got out of the mental health facility. However, she may want to change it again. Keep reading to find out more.

Rachel Leviss Changes Name Once

Rachel Leviss was previously known as Raquel Leviss. This was her name for her entire time on Vanderpump Rules. However, when it was made public that she was having an affair with Tom Sandoval, she went downhill. She received a tremendous amount of hate and ended up checking herself into a mental health facility. After she got out, she decided she was going to go back to her birthname, Rachel.

“Her therapists explained to her [that] her detractors had weaponized the name ‘Rachel’ to hurt her,”

So, she went back to her original name to diminish the haters. That didn’t work.

Rachel Leviss
Rachel Leviss

She Wants To Change It Again

Rachel called herself “Rocky” on Instagram.

“Day 2 of @libfestival I embraced the name Rocky, close friends used to call me Rocky back in high school. It felt suiting for the weekend. What do we think?”

She also lost over 8,000 followers after her festival posts. Fans did not like that she wanted to change her name for a second time.

  • “Feels like you’re trying to create another identity. Why is it so hard to just be Rachel?”
  •  “Stop picking new names and just live your life, girl.”
  • “Maybe you could just try being your genuine self for a while?”
  • “I think you need to use the name Patricia for the next personality,”

Well, it is safe to say fans do not like her trying to change her name again and will not call her that. Do you like it?


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It seems that Rachel does not like Rachel anymore and may want to be called Rocky. Fans will not call her this and encourage her to try and be her genuine self before changing things yet again. Cast members of Vanderpump Rules do not even call her Rachel, they still call her Raquel. So, they definitely would not call her Rocky. What do you think about her name change? Sound off in the comments below.

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