‘Love Island USA’ Reveals Familiar Faces To Be Contestants

Ariana Madix Love Island USA

Love Island USA has announced the first round of islanders that will be staying in the villa. However, there are a few familiar faces that are going to be on this season. The show will also have a new host as Ariana Madix has taken over for Sarah Hyland. Fans are excited for the new season and cannot wait to see how Ariana does as the host. Keep reading to find out more about this.

Love Island USA Season 6

Love Island USA is a show where single men and women come to the island to find love. They then have to couple up and compete in challenges. They also have a bonfire where they couple up and the single people get sent home. There are constantly new people coming into the villa and your relationship is never safe. At the end of the show, a couple is chosen by America to win the money. This is usually the couple who has the strongest connection and that fans like the most.

Love Island logo-Facebook
Love Island logo-Facebook

The Familiar Faces

The show announced the first ten contestants that will be competing for love. However, some familiar faces will be coming into the show. Kordell Beckham is one of them. He is the younger brother of NFL star, Odell Beckham Jr. Fans are excited to get to know him more and see how he does. Next up is Robert Rausch. He was seen on Season 5 of the show. He came in during the Casa Amour experience and was one of the men trying to win over the women. Aaron Evans is also a familiar face. He won the first season of The Traitors UK. So, he is no stranger to reality TV and competing for money. Fans just want to make sure he is there for the right reasons and not just for the ending amount he could possibly win.

Love Island USA Alum Returns [Peacock | YouTube]
[Peacock | YouTube]
It seems that there are some reality TV show winners, NFL connections, and more. Fans are ecstatic to see Season 6 of Love Island USA play out. There is a lot to watch, and it keeps fans entertained for a while. Ariana Madix is also excited to host her first season of the show. As fans know, the islanders announced will not be the only people there. More people always show up as bombshells and men show up in Casa Amour. Are you excited for the new season? Sound off in the comments below.

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