Lisa Vanderpump Shows Sandoval Who Really Owns TomTom

Lisa Vanderpump-YouTube

It appears that Lisa Vanderpump is showing Tom Sandoval who really owns TomTom restaurant and bar. There has always been some conflict with Sandoval believing he had more power than he did. Now, she is asserting herself and fans are noticing it. How so? Keep reading for more details.

Lisa Vanderpump Shows Sandoval Who Really Owns TomTom

When Lisa Vanderpump and her husband, Ken Todd approached Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz, they had an idea. They had gotten a space for a restaurant bar and wanted to name it TomTom. It made sense as Schwartz was the sweet, lovable puppy dog and Sandoval had been a devoted bartender. Together, they could make magic but each Tom needed to invest $100K to be partners. It was a lot but in the end, they made a deal for $50K each at a 5% partnership. Yet, Sandoval took this as he owned a whole lot more.

Tom Sandoval-YouTube
Tom Sandoval-YouTube

In the episode where Stassi Schroeder had her book signing at TomTom in Season 8 of Vanderpump Rules, she went through LVP and Schwartz. Sandoval was in on it but the day came and he rage texted her that she could not do it there. He maintained it was his bar but she reminded him who owned most of it. When he and Schwartz were in a financial bind with Schwartz & Sandy’s, LVP and Ken offered to give them back their investment. Now, it seems that she is slapping Sandoval in the face for his arrogance. According to The Sun, she has all but covered up the TomTom sign with pride decor.

It is pride month and Lisa Vanderpump takes that very seriously with all of her bars. When fans saw this, they immediately felt it was intentional, especially since PUMP was exposed:

  • LVP is ruthless
  • Wow, Vanderpump covered the TomTom logo for pride
  • Uh-huh. LVP said at the reunion that they considered changing the TomTom name. She’s worried abt her bottom line, and this definitely plays a role in her wanting Sandoval (and Schwartz as well) back on top. She knows her boys have fallen from grace and is worried.

Beginning Of The End

Some believed that this was the beginning of the end for TomTom. After ‘Scandoval,’ the restaurant bar took such a beating that they had to disable their Yelp reviews. Additionally, after PUMP closed, Lisa Vanderpump moved it right next door. Tom Sandoval did not take too kindly to this but she had to remind him who owned the space. However, Tom Schwartz has been showing up and participating in Pride events which is key as he has been very dedicated to the businesses.

Do you think Lisa was taking a jab at Sandoval or was she just being cheeky and reminding everyone who the boss really was and is? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Arrogance of Tom Sandoval is that he thinks at all .To own something is to pay for it first . Not to assume you can possess anything.

  2. Change the restaurants name to Tom. Schwartz has worked hard, is loyal and has a good work ethic.

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