James Corden Takes Over In Scary Emergency Plane Landing

James Corden

James Corden was on an airline flight when a scary incident happened. However, just when things started to look bleak and passengers began to show fear, Corden took control. Here is what happened on the flight and how Corden received praise for helping deal with the situation.

James Corden Praised For Taking Action During Plane Emergency

James Corden was aboard a British Airways flight from Faro, Portugal, to London over the past weekend. According to reports, the plane had a mechanical issue, and they had to make an emergency landing in Lisbon. While everyone was starting to panic, Corden took control and helped out drastically at the moment.

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According to one passenger (via Metro), they were told to gather their possessions, remove their shoes, and adopt the “brake” position. Once told, they were to find the closest emergency exit and vacate the plane. This caused a panic as the people on the plane were unsure what was happening.

The same passenger then said that James Corden began walking up and down the aisle, “talking to people, and let everybody take a selfie with him.” He even fist-bumped the pilot when he was leaving the plane. According to the passenger, Corden did a lot to alleviate the stress and panic, and he kept everyone in good spirits until the plane landed safely.

“It was chaotic and a traumatic experience for many but the crew and flight crew were helpful in this distressing time,” another passenger said (via ET Online). Another said, “James was such a top guy and really lovely man, he was reassuring people and was even handing out leftover croissants from the meal service” (via Daily Mail).

James Corden Originally Accused Of Lashing Out At Airline Personnel

This is a massive turnaround from the original news. Thanks solely to photos posted online, many news outlets claimed that James Corden was causing problems and seemed out of control. The passengers on the plane said this was never the case.

One such photo showed what looked like James yelling at an airline employee with a serious look on their face. This caused a lot of people to lash out at the former late-night talk show host. However, he never deserved it.

One passenger said that the airlines only offered vouchers to people who had a “certain status.” That upset Corden, who asked about “all these people who’ve got all these kids with them?’ like saying that’s not acceptable. It’s not right” (via Metro).

What are your thoughts on how James Corden helped out during the airline emergency? Are you surprised that so many people jumped to a conclusion based on photos that showed him taking up for passengers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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