Disney Fans Livid As Studio Announces Drastic Change

Disney: Luca

Disney recently announced a drastic change in direction with their future films, and fans are not happy about it. What is the studio doing, and what do fans have to say about it?

It Doesn’t Get Much Bigger Than Disney

Disney is one of the most recognized brands today, as the studio has been entertaining children and families for generations. It’s not just the films and the theme parks themselves, or even about the impressive numbers. When it comes to Disney and everything they produce, it’s also about the influence on popular culture, and how that impacts so many.

Disney has also made some big-money moves in recent years that continue to pay dividends. One of their biggest was buying Marvel Entertainment for $4B in 2009, bringing the entire MCU with them in the process, as well as bringing in the crowds with all of the MCU hits since.

Disney Box Office Bombs Turned Into Fan Favorites?

In recent years, the studio made an effort to tell more personal stories. There hasn’t been a traditional “villain” in films like Encanto, Luca, Turning Red and Elemental. In many ways, these films broke away from the more traditional form of storytelling.

While it was a shift, these films, focusing more on healing generational trauma, as well as interpersonal relationships between family members, have still been a big hit with viewers. Unfortunately, according to the latest announcement from the studio, a proposed drastic change in direction is rubbing a lot of fans the wrong way.

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Drastic Change In Direction Coming, Fans Not Happy

According to director and chief creative officer at Pixar, Peter Docter, a drastic change in creative direction is coming for the studio. The director recently said: “There was a real and intense period of self-scrutiny and feeling like we messed up in some way.”

He went on to add that the studio would step away from telling autobiographical stories, and instead, focus on “commonality of experience” to appeal to the masses rather than niche audiences.

Docter went on to say: “I don’t think we can ever let ourselves off the hook of making sure that we deliver the best possible and most relatable films.”

Disney: Turning Red
Disney: Turning Red/YouTube Trailer

It turns out, a lot of Disney fans are not happy with this latest announcement of an impending change in creative direction for the studio.

  • One commenter said: “Absolutely absurd reality-bending here. And infuriating misunderstanding of what makes something relatable even to those who don’t ‘see themselves’ in it at a surface level: specificity, detail, depth, intensity.”
  • Another Disney fan said: “What makes this sadder to me is that it’s Peter Docter who is saying this, one of the best directors of animation ever and a great visionary. So sad.”

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