‘America’s Got Talent’ Premieres With Big Change

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America’s Got Talent returned last week, and one big change took place immediately. That first episode saw one contestant who really freaked out Simon Cowell in a good way. However, there were two other contestants that really blew the judges away.

Here is a look at how one new America’s Got Talent rule change helped push two people into the live rounds.

America’s Got Talent Returns With Big Rule Change

The first night of AGT Season 19 returned with a significant rule change. What was really impressive was that it immediately took effect at the premiere. The new season gives each judge not one but two Golden Buzzers to use. This made two contestants very happy on the first night.

A standing ovation for Ashlee - America's Got Talent
A standing ovation for Ashlee – America’s Got Talent

The first one was someone who was highlighted in the Season 19 promo trailers. The man was Richard Goodall, who was the final audition of the evening. He came onto the stage and seemed incredibly nervous and shy. He is 55 years old and worked as a janitor for an elementary school for 23 years.

The students call him “Mr. Richard.”

Simon Cowell tried to help him relax, but he was clearly nervous. However, he buckled down and said he was there to sing. The judges all wished him the best, and Simon said he really hoped he was good and was pulling for him. Then, the music track from Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’ started playing over the speakers.

Richard Goodall blew the judges away. He hit notes that Steve Perry hit when he was with the band. Richard had a fantastic voice. He admitted after the performance that he had never even been on a plane before coming to AGT. The judges started giving him Yes votes, but Heidi Klum stopped everyone and hit her first Golden Buzzer of the season.

Richard was in tears, and this was a huge feel-good moment on the premiere.

Second Golden Buzzer Hit In AGT Season Premiere

The new America’s Got Talent rule change means that judges might hit that Golden Buzzer button quicker than usual, and that played out during the premiere. There were two Golden Buzzer events in this episode alone.

The second came earlier in the episode when Learnmore Jonasi, a comedian from Zimbabwe who now lives in America, delivered his act. Learnmore actually learned to speak English by watching stand-up comedians on TV. He also admitted that he idolized Terry Crew when he was young and owes it all to him.

He then came out onto the stage and turned in one of the funniest comedy acts the show has ever seen. The judges all loved him, but then he enjoyed what had to be the best moment of his life. Terry Crews came out and hit the Golden Buzzer, sending him to the live shows.

What are your thoughts about more Golden Buzzers on America’s Got Talent this season? How did you like the first two Golden Buzzers this season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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