‘When Calls The Heart’ Details On Mamie Laverock’s Traumatic Fall

When Calls The Heart Mamie Laverock - YouTube/Entertainment Tonight

Mamie Laverock’s mother has provided an update for fans on the actress’s condition. The When Calls The Heart star fell five stories from a hospital balcony last week and had to undergo emergency surgery. Now, her mom has confirmed that the 19-year-old opened her eyes for the first time since the incident. Continue reading to see what else Laverock’s mother shared about her condition.

When Calls The Heart Star Falls Five Stories From Hospital Balcony

A spokesperson for the family confirmed that Mamie Laverock was released from surgery on May 30. Since then, her mom shared that the 19-year-old actress opened her eyes for the first time since falling from a fifth-story balcony at the hospital.

“Let’s just hope this is the turnaround and she’s going to get through this now,” her mother, Nicole, told the Los Angeles Times. “I couldn’t be happier that people reached out and cared. The story will be told.”

When Calls The Heart Mamie Laverock - YouTube/Entertainment Tonight
YouTube/Entertainment Tonight

Nicole didn’t provide any further details about the injuries that the When Calls The Heart star sustained from the incident. However, she said that her daughter was in “tremendous pain.” She also shared that Mamie’s body was “shattered” from the devastating fall.

The injuries sustained in the fall have required Mamie Laverock to undergo several surgeries. She has also required sedation in order to stay alive as she has recovered.

Mamie Laverock’s Fall Was Not Intentional, Says Mother

In addition to providing an update on Mamie’s status, Nicole to the LA Times that the fall was not intentional. Some people believed that Mamie jumped from the balcony. Her mother says that was not the case and is placing blame on the hospital where the incident occurred.

Mamie Laverock was allegedly being escorted around St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver when she fell. Due to this fact, the When Calls The Heart star’s family is considering taking legal action against the hospital.

“This is an absolute miracle and there will be accountability,” Nicole said of her daughter’s recovery so far. She made a point of noting that it was not intentional and it was not a suicide attempt.


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“All we care about is that Mamie can make a recovery and that she’s alive and that she’s fighting and that she’s strong,” Mamie’s mother added. “It’s unbelievable that she’s with us.”

When contacted for a statement about the incident, the hospital said that it could not comment on specific patients’ conditions.

“In cases related to patient safety, an internal critical incident review is conducted to determine exactly what happened and to make recommendations for improved patient safety,” a spokesperson said in a statement. “Our hearts go out to the patient, family, and all affected by this event, and offer our best wishes for a full recovery.”

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