Michael Strahan’s Daughter Gets Important Sister Time

Michael Strahan with his daughters | IG

Michael Strahan’s daughter Isabella has had a tough time over the last few months. She learned when she left to start college that she had brain cancer. She has spent much of this year undergoing treatment and chemo. This also included significant surgeries and medications that are affecting her memory.

However, she recently had a chance for some much-needed sister time as her family remains with her every step of the way.

Michael Strahan’s Daughter Gets Sister Time

Isabella Strahan spent some time with her sister, and Sophia Strahan, 19, posted a sweet photo on her Instagram Stories. The photo shows Sophia hugging Isabella and resting her head on her sister’s shoulder. Behind them isΒ a bright blue sky.

Isabella Strahan birthday | YouTube
Isabella Strahan birthday | YouTube

Sophia was wearing a blue Duke sweatshirt, which is where she just finished her freshman year of college. Isabella was preparing to attend USC when she learned of her cancer. She plans to return to USC this fall after her treatments have ended. Isabella said that the last round should take place this month.

This also comes one day after Isabella said she celebrated her birthday late. She said she was unconscious on her 19th birthday during treatments. However, her friends and family ensured that she got the birthday party anyway. Michael Strahan is doing everything he can to help make things as normal as possible for his daughter during this challenging time in her life.

Isabella Strahan Looking For Better Days

In her recent vlog posts about her cancer battle, Isabella Strahan has clearly been going through a lot. She has moments where she remains down, such as her woes about memory loss and losing entire days during her treatment.

Sophia Strahan and Isabella Strahan | IG
Sophia Strahan and Isabella Strahan | IG

Isabella has also been open about the surgeries she had to go through. She had to have a hole drilled in the back of her head to drain fluid building up around her brain. After this, she began suffering migraines, and the doctors realized they needed to go in and drain more. These two significant surgeries took place within a short amount of time.

However, Isabella is looking forward to a brighter future. She said she can’t wait until it is June and her treatments have ended. It is June now, so the time for rest might be near or already here. She also talked about her plans to go to college this fall, and there is hope that things are going well for her so that it won’t interfere with those plans.

What do you think about Isabella Strahan’s starting to regain some normalcy in her life? Please keep Michael Strahan and his daughters in your thoughts and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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