‘Bringing Up Bates’ Tiffany Bates Shocks Fans With Big Lie?

Tiffany Bates From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From @tiffypics Instagram

Bringing Up Bates star Tiffany Bates is making some people scratch their heads following her latest post. The 25-year-old has been embracing her pregnancy. She often uploads photos and clips from her doctor’s appointments. However, Lawson’s wife caught the attention of many after confessing a huge lie. Keep reading to see what it was.

Bringing Up Bates: Lawson & Tiffany Bates’ Long-Awaited Gender Reveal

A lot of fans have waited for Lawson and Tiffany’s gender reveal. The Bringing Up Bates stars admitted that there have been some delays. During a Q&A, Lawson revealed that his wife’s miscarriage was one of the main reasons why the announcement was delayed. Many fans sympathized with the married couple. However, some didn’t like how they “cheesed” pregnancy content to stay relevant online. But it seems Tiffany’s latest confession is the deal-breaker for several people.

Tiffany Bates & Lawson Bates From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From @lawbates Instagram
Tiffany Bates & Lawson Bates From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From @lawbates Instagram

Tiffany Shocks Fans With Big Lie?

In an Instagram post, Tiffany shared a photo of herself showing off ultrasound photos. According to the Bringing Up Bates star, her baby boy is “healthier than ever” before saying that she praises the Lord for every moment. “We feel blessed to be this little dude’s parents and are so excited to meet him on the other side of the tummy,” she added. But Tiffany Bates later turned to the comments section to confess that some of her old ultrasound photos were fake and that the pictures came from different people. Many Redditors got upset about Tiffany’s shocking reveal.

Tiffany Bates From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From @tiffypics Instagram
Tiffany Bates From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From @tiffypics Instagram
  • “Tiffany using her Bates SILs’ Ultrasound Scans on Instagram Throughout her pregnancy, Tiffany has been using other people’s ultrasound scans and making out that they’re her own. I find this deeply strange.”
  • “Why on earth would you be honest about that??”
  • “Poor tiff becoming more fundie by the day It is worth noting these ultrasound photos had better not be left with Lawson…he lost their earlier ones in the pregnancy. The man is a real jack wagon”
  • “What the heck?? I don’t understand why… Like, I know they had a loss (as many of us have) but I don’t get it. I just lost my son at 21w4d and can’t imagine being pregnant again and using other people’s photos. That’s bizarre to me.”
  • “She’s so weird lol. Maybe if you don’t have a sonogram pic don’t be announcing the pregnancy? Esp after the miscarriage she had and didn’t tell anyone until later? Good lord this girl is dumb. Good luck to her when that baby is born she’s gonna need it.”

Bringing Up Bates: Tiffany Bates Shares New Skit With Lawson Bates

Despite the criticism, Tiffany continues to stay positive online. Recently, the Bringing Up Bates star uploaded a new clip featuring her new skit with Lawson. She acted in a scene where she’s overthinking about why her husband still hasn’t talked to her after having an argument. But when the cameras turned to Lawson, he was just thinking about how he would beat up a bear.



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