Ann Maddox Discusses Seeing Tom Sandoval At Reunion Episode

Ann Maddox, Andy Cohen, and Tom Sandoval

Ann Maddox recently spoke out about how it was seeing her former boss, Tom Sandoval, at the Vanderpump Rules reunion. Fans have been rooting for Ann ever since they saw what Tom was making her do. Now she has a new boss and a job she loves. However, viewers are dying to know if there was an awkwardness or tension between the two when they saw each other. Keep reading to find out more.

Ann Maddox Has Lots Of To-Do’s

Ann Maddox had a lot of to-dos on her list when working for Tom Sandoval. Tom had a lot of parties. This ended with making the house a mess and Ann having to clean it up in the morning. It was also said that Ann would have to pick up Tom’s dirty underwear. Ew. Not only that but when Ariana and Tom split, there was another awkward job she had to do. She was in the middle of the two’s communication. Ann had to ask Ariana things that Tom wanted to know. Like, Ann would have to ask Ariana if Tom could throw a party.

Ann Maddox-YouTube
Ann Maddox-YouTube

How Was It To See Tom Sandoval?

Ann got a new job working at Katie and Ariana’s sandwich shop, Something About Her. This seems to be a better job for her. She has powerful women as her bosses. However, fans are dying to know how it was to see Tom Sandoval at the reunion. Tom came up to her and joked:

“Ann, you can clean up afterwards, right?”

She then revealed how she felt.

“relieved any tension. You see your old boss walking up to you, and your new boss who you love is right next to you, and you’re like, ‘Oh God, what’s about to happen?’ And then they’re like, it’s a friendly joke, and you’re like, ‘Oh, thank God.’”

Well, it was not that bad then and fans are glad there are not any hard feelings between the two.


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It seems that it was not awkward when the two had an encounter. Fans and Ann were glad that Tom could just make a joke and move on. There were no hard feelings there. However, it seemed there could have been hard feelings when he found out she was looking at a job opportunity with Ariana. Ann seems to be a lot happier working for Ariana and Katie. What do you think about her new job? Sound off in the comments below.

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