’90 Day Fiance’ Is Liz Woods Married To New Man?

Liz Woods

90 Day Fiance star Liz Woods could already be married to her new man. Fans know Liz for her time on the show dating Big Ed Brown. Big Ed is not a fan favorite on the series and fans want to see Liz happy without him. However, it seems that could be the case way faster than people expected. There are several things pointing to the fact that Liz Woods could have already tied the knot with her new boyfriend.

Liz Woods Splits From Big Ed

Liz Woods was supposed to marry Big Ed Brown in August of last year. However, the two got into a big fight that ended their engagement. They were at Ed’s sister’s house, and she made dinner for them. She made some sort of taco pasta. The food ended up being too spicy for Liz’s daughter, Ryleigh. So, when she did not want to eat it, Ed started yelling at her. This made Liz upset and the two were fighting in front of everyone. Liz then got a text from their officiant the next day apologizing for the wedding being called off.

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Is She Married Now?

Liz is currently with a man named Jayson. However, there are some clues that make people think the two could already be married. Liz posted a photo of herself in a white button-up shirt that was too big for her. In the photo, she is showing off a ring. That is not all. The two went to celebrate a friend’s wedding. She posted a picture, and the seating chart was in the background. On the seating chart, their names read:

 “Jayson Zuniga Liz Zuniga”

This is the biggest clue that the two are married. Why would they have the same last name on the seating chart if they were not? Jayson’s name is also spelt weird, so it is more than likely not a coincidence of the same two names being together.


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It seems possible that Liz could be married to her new man, Jayson. However, it is unknown for sure if they tied the knot. Fans want Liz to be happy and live her best life. However, it would be soon to get married as fans are just now seeing the breakup between, her and Ed. Do you think it is too soon for Liz to marry Jayson? Do you think they are good together from what you have seen? Sound off in the comments below.

Hailee Dent


    1. Agreed he was No good I wish they would take him off this Show.Its Long overdue to Remove Him.

  1. she certainly can’t do worse then Ed & chances are this man is already making her much happier! He’s also given her stability & longevity & commitment that equates to security far more then she ever had with Ed! He was just an awful man inside & out. i say good riddance! get rid of him permanently & lets see Liz & her new man on 90 day. Ed has had FAR too many chances. He’s just useless imo.🙏🇨🇦❤

  2. I couldn’t stand Ed. he is a narcissist and truly ugly person inside and out. I wish Liz all the happiness in the world and implore her to never look back or consider even a kind look in Little Ed’s direction.

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