‘Teen Mom’ Leah Messer’s Twins Celebrate Huge Milestone

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Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star Leah Messer’s twins just celebrated a huge milestone in their lives. Fans have watched them since the day that they were born. It has not been easy. Now, they are taking big steps toward womanhood. So, what happened? Keep reading for more details.

Teen Mom Leah Messer’s Twins Celebrate Huge Milestone

Leah Messer came to fame as a pregnant teenager on 16 & Pregnant. Along with her boyfriend, Corey Simms, the two had a whirlwind courtship and she ended up expecting twins. This threw them for a loop but they did the best that they could. More so, they tried to make somewhat of a relationship work despite not knowing each other all that well, as seen in Teen Mom. Leah ended up welcoming twin girls, Aliannah and Aleeah with the former having muscular dystrophy. She had a plethora of appointments and that meant Leah and Corey had to work as a team. They got married but soon divorced, learning how to co-parent Aliannah with her MD.

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Leah Messer’s Daughters, Addie, Aleeah, Ali-Credit: Instagram

Leah went on to remarry and had another daughter as well as another divorce but she never wanted her kids to feel any different. She also battled drug problems but remained on MTV and Teen Mom. Now, it is the new season of The Next Chapter and the kids are all growing up. In the trailer, Corey is talking to Leah about how the twins may be dating soon. This is not something she even wants to think about but she did just share a huge moment in the girls’ lives.

The twins were dressed to the nines for their 8th-grade formal. Aliannah donned a floor-length navy cut-out dress with her curls on top of her head and mini peep toe heels. As for her sister, she was a knockout in red, her blonde hair in face-framing waves. It was mind-blowing to see them all grown up and followers and fans of the girls were stunned.

Two Beauties

Leah Messer’s fans immediately took to the comment section to fawn all over Aliannah and Aleeah:

  • Oh my goodness they are beautiful 😍😍
  • My God watching them grow from babies has me in a aww 🥹❤️
  • Yes I’m like🥹 I’ve watched them grow from the womb. They are gorgeous😍😍
  • Leah are you kidding they are stunning! I love Ali’s curls 🥰

Some even felt that they were Leah’s minis and were emotional as they had seen them being born. Now, they are getting ready for high school. Where has the time gone?

What are your thoughts after seeing Leah’s twins? Are you in shock over how beautiful and grown up they are? Let us know in the comments below and watch Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Thursdays on MTV.

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