‘Station 19’ Bosses Eager To Keep The Show Going After Finale

Jaina Lee Ortiz as Andy Herrera from Station 19, ABC, sourced from YouTube

Station 19 might be officially over now, but that hasn’t stopped fans from begging another network to pick up the hit series.

The hashtag #SaveStation19 has been circling social media since ABC announced the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off was ending. It’s gained quite a bit of traction, prompting other viewers to join the movement.

So far, no networks have publicly shared their intent to revive the show. But if they did, the showrunners would be completely on board.

Station 19 Showrunners Would Love To Produce More Content

ABC might have pulled the plug on Station 19, but those involved aren’t quite ready to give up on it. Showrunners Peter Paige and Zoanne Clack are more than ready to keep going if another network would pick it up.

“Bring it on,” Clack told TVLine recently. Paige added that they’d both be “100%” on board to continue.

“I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Zoanne,” Paige told the publication. “I’m really proud of what we accomplished creatively, and I’m really proud of what we did with the show culturally.”

Jaina Lee Ortiz as Andy Herrera from Station 19, ABC, sourced from YouTube
Station 19/ABC

“The set was really healthy,” Paige continued. “I think people felt seen and heard and felt an ownership. They felt a part of the show. That’s every bit as important as the product.”

“We had a very powerful, amazing culture [on the set], and it was just a joy to work with these actors and writers and crew. We’re going to miss it terribly,” Clack chimed in.

Without a doubt, fans will sorely miss the series. Many feel that Grey’s Anatomy has gone on too long as it approaches its 21st season. The same fans feel that Station 19 has so much more life left in it.

Where Will The Characters Go From Here?

At the end of Station 19, Ben Warren decided to return to Grey-Sloan and rejoin his wife and fellow surgeons in the ER. It very well seems like fans will see this character on Grey’s Anatomy again. But what about the other firefighters?


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Station 19 gave all the firefighters a great send-off and even showed fans a glimpse into the characters’ futures. Main character Andy Herrera even achieves her dream of becoming Fire Chief someday.

While the series did get a nice and tidy ending, there’s still plenty of time to tell more stories.

In a previous interview with TVLine, Zoanne Clack and Peter Paige admitted they really don’t know much about plans for Station 19′s future. But if another network does pick it up, they will “happily” go with it.

How did you feel about the Station 19 series finale? Do you hope to see another network pick it up soon? Share your own opinions in the comments.

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  1. Station 19 deserves to be picked up and be able to continue to tell it’s stories. Their storylines deal on the happenings of everyday life. It helps people deal with their situations, have a place to go to for learning how to live and be themselves, helps within people’s communities. It has so many more stories to cover and tell about. Please someone give them the opportunity to continue. #SaveStation19

  2. Forget network TV, let’s #savestation19. Let’s push for a streaming service like Hulu or Disney + or Netflix to produce and stream new episodes every week. Fans that aren’t home or awake to watch at showtime and fans around the world stream the episodes anyway. I think it’s a win. ABC won’t have to deal with it on their prime time schedule, streaming numbers increase, and the revenue still comes in. It’s one of the best shows on TV! If this show is not revived it’s a HUGE mistake

  3. I sure hope they find someone to pick it up. As a firefighter I sure enjoy the show. Something we can relate to. Please find someplace for this show to keep going.

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