Lisa Vanderpump Throws Shade At Kyle Richards

Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards

Lisa Vanderpump has recently thrown shade at Kyle Richards yet again. Fans know that the two are not friends and they will never mend their friendship. However, Lisa does not care to mend the friendship. She made that obvious when she decided to throw shade at her once again. The majority of fans are on Lisa’s side. Keep reading to find out more about what she said.

Lisa Vanderpump Throws Kyle Richards Out

Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards had a falling out years ago. This happened when Dorit adopted a dog from Lisa’s rescue. She then turned the dog into a kill shelter. A negative story came out about the situation. All of the housewives started to blame Lisa for putting the bad side out. However, Lisa has continued to deny she did it. Kyle was at Lisa’s villa when a huge fight broke out between the two over the issue. Lisa ended up throwing Kyle out of her home. The two have not been friends since.

Lisa Vanderpump - Hulu
Lisa Vanderpump – Hulu

She Throws More Shade Her Way

Lisa continues to throw shade at Kyle and fans cannot blame her. She appeared on the podcast, Call Her Daddy. She opened up about the issue when she was asked about having her house as a sanctuary.

“Well, I love cooking. So, I’ve made sure my kitchen is absolutely heavenly. Do you remember when I threw Kyle out the house and I kind of put the sledgehammer on there? I was like ‘f**k it we’re done. This is time for a new era. Sans Kyle.”

Lisa went into talk about how peaceful her house is. She has to deal with a lot of drama outside of the house and does not want to bring that home. Lisa loves having a safe place to go back to. So, this is why she was over the drama in the home and kicked Kyle out without hesitation. Fans applaud Lisa for doing so.


tbh im always thinking about LVP’s house 😂

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It seems that Lisa does not care what she says about Kyle. It is obvious the two will never be friends again. However, fans will continue to support Lisa and back her side of the story. Lisa also has made it clear that she does not regret throwing Kyle out of her home. In fact, she “loved it”. How do you feel about the broken friendship? Whose side are you on? Sound off in the comments below.

Hailee Dent


  1. everyone knows Lisa is vile and cooks up evil schemes to retaliate against anyone who dares to cross her and she uses and manipulates people to do her dirty work for her while she pretends to be someone she’s not. She lies that she is innocent and burns bridges, many bridges: Adrienne, Brandy, Dorit. Kyle. I could go on, Teddi, Ericka, everyone who was a friend who she screwed over and her heart is so full of hatred she will continuously retaliate until her deathbed.

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