‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Andrew Deluca’s Sister Talks About His Death

Stefania Spampinato

Grey’s Anatomy Andrew Deluca’s sister, Carina, discusses his tragic death. Fans were devastated by yet another tragic death on the show. However, the actress who plays Carin Deluca recently spoke out about how she felt filming the scene. Stefania Spampinato recently went into detail on having to film the scene on a podcast. Keep reading to find out more about what she said.

Andrew Deluca Has A Tragic Death

Andrew Deluca was a loved surgeon on Grey’s Anatomy. Unfortunately, he had to die like a lot of other loved surgeons on the show. He was not the first heartbreaking death that fans have seen. However, it still hurt to watch just as much as the others. Andrew was trying to track down a sex trafficking kingpin. Unfortunately, he was stabbed while doing so. Carina found him and they took him to the hospital. Fans were hopeful that Owen and Teddy were going to be able to save him. However, he ended up dying due to his injuries.

Grey's Anatomy
Grey’s Anatomy

Stefania Spampinato Discusses Filming

The actress who played Andrew Deluca’s sister was recently asked what the hardest scene to film for the show was.

“The death of Andrew Deluca. It was really tough. It was really emotionally tolling. There was a lot of crying throughout like two to three days. And I was like devastated. I feel like I had run out of tears. It was very cathartic, but also exhausting. Definitely binge watch a lot of episodes of Friends after those.”

Fans were shocked to hear how emotionally draining it was for Stefania to film the scenes about her dead brother. By the end she had run out of tears and was done for a while. She needed some time to regroup and chill afterwards. It seems she was as heartbroken as fans were watching the episode. Do you agree about it all?


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It seems that the hardest scene for Stefania to film was the death of her brother in the show. That would be hard for anyone to film, especially if they can relate to it. However, it was emotionally draining for her to film due to all the crying and emotions that had to take place for several days in a row. Fans thought her acting was phenomenal. However, the death of Andrew Deluca was heartbreaking for everyone. What do you think about this all? Sound off in the comments below.

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