‘BIP’ Alum Kylee Russell Details Health Issues That Led To ER Visit

Kylee Russell/Credit: 'Bachelor In Paradise' Youtube

Bachelor In Paradise alum Kylee Russell spoke out on social media about a health crisis that landed her in the ER. The reality TV star took to Instagram to give her fans an update about her wellbeing in a candid Q&A session. What’s going on?

‘BIP’ Alum Kylee Russell Details Health Issues That Led To ER Visit

It’s been a tumultuous few months for the reality star. Kylee Russell and her Bachelor in Paradise partner, Aven Jones, broke up just days after the Season 9 finale aired. The split happened suddenly amid cheating allegations. But eagle-eyed Bachelor Nation fans think the two may have gotten back together.

Aven Jones and Kylee Russell/Credit: 'Bachelor In Paradise' Youtube
Aven Jones and Kylee Russell/Credit: ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Youtube

Her latest problem isn’t about her romantic life. She shared on her Instagram that she hadn’t been feeling well lately and ended up in the ER. What’s going on?

“Two weeks ago, I started feeling crummy. I thought I had strep and was treated for that.”

But her symptoms continued, and she was diagnosed with bronchitis. But that wasn’t the end of her medical woes. “I developed a double ear infection. I have eustachian tube dysfunction, so my ears are filled with fluid and are unable to pop.”

“One doctor’s visit, three urgent cares, two emergency rooms, four antibiotics, and a steroid later and my bronchitis is finally gone, but I still have impacted sinuses and fluid in my ears.”

The Next Step

Despite all the visits to medical professionals, the Bachelor In Paradise alum isn’t on the mend just yet. What’s the next step in overcoming her health struggles?

“I am going to an ENT today to hopefully set up a tube placement for my ears.”

She added that she was “praying for some type of relief.”

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Kylee Russell has yet to share an update on the Ears Nose & Throat doctor appointment, but hopefully, she will be on the mend soon.

According to bachelornation.com, Kylee also shared a photo from when she left for filming Bachelor In Paradise.

“I found this in my memories I post it almost a year ago on my close friends. I was on the way to Mexico so excited, but soooo nervous.”

She added that she would join another season of Bachelor In Paradise “despite everything.” However, the show seems to be on hold until next year, if it returns at all.

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