‘MAFS’ Emily Balch Updates Fans On Divorce Status

Married at First Sight: Emily Balch

Married at First Sight cast member Emily Balch had a terrible marriage to Brennan Shoykhet in Season 17 scenes in Denver. Recently, the MAFS alum gave fans a life update, including the status of her divorce. So, what did she have to say about it all?

Married At First Sight: Season 17 In Denver Was A Franchise Low

Over the last few seasons of Married at First Sight, many viewers agree that the show has gotten progressively worse. Many say that the participants have gone away from wanting to find genuine relationships, and instead, participants want their shot at being on television and boosting their social media following.

Viewers and former cast members agree that Season 17 in Denver was the worst season in franchise history. When you have 17 seasons and over 10 years of history on the air, that is saying a lot. Along with Emily Balch and Brennan Shoykhet, none of the matches in Denver ended up staying together in the end.

This even included cast member Michael Shiakallis striking out with two different matches on the show, as his original bride left him at the altar.

MAFS Emily Balch - YouTube/Lifetime
Emily Balch – YouTube/Lifetime

MAFS: Emily Balch And Brennan Shoykhet Were Not A Good Match

While none of the Season 17 Denver couples were well-matched, Emily Balch and Brennan Shoykhet were no exception. Emily revealed in previous scenes that, while she found Brennan attractive in the beginning, and while she thought he felt the same about her, she ultimately started to feel “unsure.”

Brennan eventually said that he didn’t feel a “romantic connection” with Emily. Brennan admitted that he didn’t have the desire to touch Emily, and that the level of attraction just wasn’t there for him. As longtime Married at First Sight fans know, lack of attraction often ends up being the kiss of death in these arranged marriages.

Brennan Shoykhet and Emily Balch MAFS - YouTube, Lifetime

Married At First Sight: Emily Balch Updates Fans On Divorce Status

Even if relationships end on Married at First Sight, the marriages on the show are real, and legally binding. This means that even after a breakup, cast members still have to go through all of the legal steps to officially get a divorce. In some cases, MAFS divorces are not official until years after the initial marriage.

Recently, Emily Balch gave an update on the status of her divorce from Brennan Shoykhet. According to Emily, she wants a divorce, while Brennan wants an annulment. She went on to add that all communication between her and her ex right now is “through our lawyers,” as the pair “don’t speak.”

Married at First Sight: Emily Balch
Married at First Sight: Emily Balch/YouTube

Even though Emily was against an annulment, she is at the point where she wants to go in whatever direction puts this whole ordeal behind her the fastest. Emily said: “We’ll see what progresses. I just truly want this done.”

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  1. as far as season 17, I don’t feel any of the women except for Chloe, tried to make their marriage work, they were out for themselves to be vicious as a group, I’m not saying the men were perfect, they had their own agenda to not make the relationship work, I do feel you should stop sending the couples on their honeymoons as a group, the need their own time together, not compare each others relationships, this person isnt impressed with her
    husband, that person isnt impressed with his wife, this person dont like that person, to much conflict, go back to sending them separately

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