‘Little People Big World’ Lilah Roloff Goes Under The Knife

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Little People, Big World starlet Lilah Roloff, 4, needed surgery, and Tori Roloff told her fans about it on her Raising Heights podcast last week. The TLC star also said that she felt very nervous about it because their daughter needed to stay overnight. You might recall that she was diagnosed with sleep apnea, which is quite common with little people. Now the young LPBW alum had the surgery, and an update arrived.

Brave LPBW Star Lilah Roloff Goes Under The Knife

Just before she told her TLC fans that her daughter would need to have her tonsils out, Tori Roloff shared about her brave little girl. It came when she danced on stage, and despite her terrible nervousness, she finished her routine beautifully. Actually, Little People, Big World fans love to see her growing in confidence as she was a bit slow learning to walk.

LPBW Starlets Lilah and Jackson Roloff - Tori Roloff Instagram
LPBW Starlets Lilah and Jackson Roloff – Tori Roloff Instagram

Lilah Roloff probably had to draw on her bravery resources for her surgery. She hasn’t had leg surgery like her brother, Jackson. But, it’s a good bet that she heard all about it. In fact, she was two when it happened, so she might remember his pain. TLC fans wanted to weep for the poor little boy as he struggled along in his walker. Now, it looks like his little sister bounced back quite quickly.

Little People, Big World Kid Is On The Mend

On Friday, Tori Roloff took to her Instagram stories and shared some photos of her daughter. One of them showed her in the hospital recovery room. She lay with her eyes closed, and looked as bad as any person does after surgery. Watching over her, her dad, Zach Roloff looked attentive. She had her soft toys there as well. Tori wrote:

@zroloff07 is hands down the best dad on the planet. No competition. He took such good care of our girl today.

Zach Roloff watches over Lilah - Instagram
Zach Roloff watches over Lilah – Instagram

Lilah Roloff looked way better in the next photo that her mom shared. It wasn’t clear if she was back at home. But, she looked like she was on the mend. Snugly dressed, she looked into the camera with a very sweet smile. No tears were present. Tori said in her caption:

Lilah girl had her tonsils out today and is handling it like a freaking champ. I love this girl so much!! Now for all the soup (her request) and snuggles.

LPBW kid, Lilah Roloff is on the mend - Instagram
LPBW kid, Lilah Roloff is on the mend – Instagram

What are your thoughts about Zach Roloff staying with young Lilah Roloff after her surgery? Do you agree the LPBW star is a great dad? Hopefully, the cute little TLC star will feel a whole lot better soon. Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Little People, Big World news.

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  1. I am missing watching these wonderful children grow up. I have watched these lovely folks since they first filmed all these years ago. I wish the best to Tori and Zack. They are great parents and I hope they might reconsider and start filming again.

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