Bachelor Nation’s Rachel Nance Spotted On Date With ‘BIP’ Alum?

Rachel Nance/Credit: 'Bachelor' Instagram

Bachelor Season 28 contestant Rachel Nance was recently spotted out with a BIP alum. Are they dating or just friends? Keep reading for the unexpected duo that one fan said was not on their bingo card.

Why Rachel Nance Is Glad She Didn’t Get Engaged To Joey Graziadei

Rachel Nance was one of 32 women hoping to find love with Joey Graziadei on The Bachelor. She came pretty close. She made it through hometowns and ended her journey in the top three. He ultimately chose Kelsey Anderson over runner-up Daisy Kent. Joey and Kelsey are living it up, fulfilling their dream to have a long engagement before settling down.

During the Women Tell All special, Rachel Nance did something no other contestant has ever done: she shined a bright spotlight on how hateful Bachelor Nation viewers can be. She recounted the insane amount of racist and hate-filled messages she received, particularly after the hometown dates when Joey met her family and was introduced to her culture.

Rachel Nance/Credit: ABC YouTube
Rachel Nance/Credit: ABC YouTube

Rachel’s father is Arab and Black, and her mother hails from the Philippines. She and her family grew up in Hawaii. She was one of several mixed-race contestants on Season 28. Another contestant, Jenn Tran, has just been named the franchise’s first Asian-American Bachelorette.

Other Bachelor Nation contestants have spoken out about hate from the fan base, but only on social media and never on a broadcast like the Women Tell All. It’s been almost three months since WTA aired, and Rachel Nance is still healing. She penned an emotional essay for Today in honor of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, which is May.

She said that the racist comments against her weren’t nearly as hurtful as the terrible things people said of her family and their culture, including calling it “barbaric.” In hindsight, she said that she was glad that she didn’t end up with Joey Graziadei.

“Honestly, for me, not being with Joey was the best outcome, because I fell back in love with myself, with my family, with who I am as a person,” – Rachel Nance, TODAY.

Could she be dating someone from the franchise?

Bachelor Nation’s Rachel Nance Spotted On Date With ‘BIP’ Alum?

Once you’ve been on a Bachelor Nation show, your romantic life is fodder for gossip forever. Rachel Nance turned heads at the Stagecoach festival in April by getting cozy with a mystery man. However, nothing seemed to come of the brief flirtation.

Now Bachelor Nation fans are wondering what’s going on after she posted a flirty TikTok with Bachelor In Paradise alum John Henry Spurlock. He got engaged to Kat Izzo on Season 9 of BIP, but they broke up shortly after filming.

John Henry Spurlock/Credit: ABC YouTube
John Henry Spurlock/Credit: ABC YouTube

Rachel Nance and John Henry Spurlock appear to be having dinner together in the silly TikTok video. “How much do I owe you?” she lip-synches in the video. “It’s okay; it’s on the house,” he says back, putting his credit card on the table.

Bachelor Nation fans took to Reddit to ponder if the video was a soft launch of a new relationship. “She could do better… but this is cute,” one person wrote. But hopes were quickly dashed by another comment. “They’re both in Hawaii for different reasons,” another Redditor claimed.

Do you think John Henry Spurlock and Rachel Nance would make a cute couple? Sound off in the comments.


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