‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Amy Slaton Halterman’s Shocking New Look

Amy Slaton Halterman - 1000-Lb Sisters - TLC - YouTube

When TLC fans first started watching 1000-Lb Sisters, Amy Slaton Halterman seemed to like black leggings and subdued pastel tops. However, she upped her spark with bright colors, and now, she shared her new look. However, not everyone thinks it suits her. Read on to see the picture.

Amy Slaton Halterman Changed Her Style

As the years went by and life became more difficult for the TLC star, it seemed that she turned to hair coloring and brighter clothes to beat back the blues. Well, she had a difficult time after the birth of her second child, Glenn. And then, she and Michael Halterman split. So, cheering herself up with bright colors doesn’t seem like a bad thing.

Amy and Tammy Slaton YouTube
Amy Slaton Used To Favor Dark Clothing – TLC – YouTube

Amy Slaton also deals with pain and grief by adopting a very sassy attitude and dating different men. It’s not clear if she’s feeling any happier these days, but she certainly gets colorful. Still, some TLC fans hope the 1000-Lb Sisters star gets herself some help for her depression.

1000-Lb Sisters Star Has A New Look

Recently, Tammy Slaton’s sister decided to go with red. Bright red actually looks okay on her, TLC fans agree. Couple that with bright blue hair, and you won’t miss her in a crowd. This weekend, 90 Day Fiance Addicts shared a screenshot of her on Instagram.


In the caption of the photo of Amy Slaton, the admin wrote:

Amy Slaton Halterman letting it all hang out!! Are you liking the new look and confidence? #1000lbsistersamyslaton #1000lbsisters

Unfortunately, not many TLC fans liked the photo of the 1000-Lb Sisters star. But, that could also be because they felt grumpy about a non-90 Day Fiance post on the page. Here are some of their reactions to the bright red outfit that Amy Slaton wore over baggy pants.

  • Congratulations on major weight loss, please find proper clothes that compliment not shock.
  • Uh no, I love her confidence, but no.
  • No way! This is not a figure flattering outfit.
  • What’s going on…down this winding road.
  • Confidence is one thing but your clothes way too small is another thing buy clothes to fit you not out off the children section.
  • No she has gained so much weight back and the outfit is not flattering to her body. Confidence is one thing and then there is dressing like a clown.
What do you think of Amy Slaton Halterman in her tight red dress that shows off her confidence? Do think it looks great? Or do you agree it does nothing to flatter her? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your 1000-Lb Sisters news.
James Michael


  1. Who are we to judge really !! If she feels comfortable in those cloths then let her be !! WE ARE NOT GOD !!

  2. Oh my goodness. This is so not flattering! I don’t like to judge people but damn girl! Think girl before you get dressed.

    1. Agree. She’s an awesome lady and doesn’t need to do those types of clothes to be beautiful.

  3. She should do what she feels is best but also look in the mirror before having a public view. That outfit/hairstyle are both very unflattering. Good luck Amy.

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