‘Survivor 46’ Liz Reveals Huge Life Changes After Competition

Liz from Survivor / YouTube

Liz Wilcox had one of the most notable moments on Survivor 46. When she lost out on the chance for the Applebees dinner after Q refused to choose her, she had a complete meltdown. However, since leaving the show, Liz has opened up about her changes and how she lives her life differently now than she did before.

Here is what Liz had to say about life after Survivor.

Liz Made Life Changes After Survivor 46

Liz Wilcox will probably be known as the Survivor contestant who had a major meltdown when she didn’t get to take part in an Applebee’s dinner treat. However, since leaving the show, Liz said that she has made some major changes in her life — all for the better.

Liz on Survivor / YouTube
Liz on Survivor / YouTube

Liz has moved forward and announced that she had just bought her first house. She said it was even in her “dream neighborhood” on her “dream street.” Liz went on to say she didn’t even need Survivor money to buy it.

Liz also said that she has made some big changes in how she lives, interacts, and gets through life since appearing on the show.

“I’ve been so afraid my whole life to speak up when I’m uncomfortable. I know it doesn’t seem like that on the show, but that’s something that I learned,” Liz said (via Us Weekly). She said that since leaving the show, she now has a new group of friends including Ben Katzman and Venus Vafa.

Liz Explains Her Breakdown On Survivor 46

Liz explained in an interview what happened when she had her very public breakdown on Survivor 46. What led to this moment was when Q Burdette won the Applebee’s-themed reward challenge and did not take Liz with him. Almost everyone else said they would have taken Liz, but Q held a grudge.

Liz from Survivor / YouTube
Liz from Survivor / YouTube

Liz had severe food allergies. She can’t eat coconut, papaya, chicken, pasta and more. That means that she went days at a time without food while on Survivor 46. She said that partially played into the meltdown, but there was something else there that was more personal for her.

Before coming on the show, Liz would eat the bourbon burger at Applebee’s every Wednesday night with her daughter. When she learned it was Applebee’s as the prize, it reminded her of her daughter. When Q refused to take her, the hunger she felt and the longing for her daughter was too much and she lost it.

Q said he refused to take Liz because she had voted against him at the last Tribal Council. Instead, he took Maria Shrime Gonzalez, Kenzie Petty, and Tiffany Nicole Ervin.

Liz said she thanked everyone around her for being gracious to her during her “wild moment.” She also said that previous Survivor competitors had DM’d her and let her know that it wasn’t unusual. Liz said a few said they had meltdowns too, but the episodes didn’t show theirs.

What are your thoughts about Liz from Survivor 46? Did you want to see her win? What are your thoughts on the meltdown? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. She was a huge baby! She didn’t deserve to be included after her vote. It was funny that she thought she was an asset in the game, when most of us knew they kept her in because they could beat her.

    1. someone who’s not had to go without food for weeks would say that! now we know what kind of better than thou type of attitude you carry around with you don’t we? luckily your uppity self don’t matter huh? you don’t matter! let that sink in Ms uppity!

      1. Unless you’ve been on Survivor you wouldn’t know what these people go through. I can’t criticise someone for not being able to eat for days. Who are we to judge?

        1. We can judge based on the actions of 46 seasons with of competitors. Throwing a fit like that? then not apologizing after it’s not cool. I can see losing it in the moment but not apologizing when you’re effectively calling out someone’s character is bs.

    2. she was the least likeable cast member besides maybe venus and q, but they were less cringe to watch. I hoped this experience would make her a little more self aware but I honestly think she has such an egocentric world view that will never change. now she is online still flaunting her wealth instead of being humbled by the experience. someone else could have had a chance that season.

      1. I agree with that. She bought her house ” and didn’t even need survivor money to do it.” Who cares?

        1. exactly why I was wondering why she even applied to be on Survivor! She bragging about her money from the get go! I didn’t feel sorry for her since she should have known what the food was going to be if she ever watched the show!

        2. Hey, all that means is she was able to get a mortgage, not that she pa cash and bought it outright.

    3. She
      Deserve to scream shout do whatever she wanted that poor lady needed to do that. He was a jerk and did that to her out of spite that was such a nasty mean thing to do to her and yes, she should have went on that outing and she should’ve screamed at the dubber lungs and I would’ve done the same exact thing and yes, she deserved to go on a special one and I’m finally glad that she did get to go on one that she was able to eat and she was no baby. I’d like to see you out there. Let’s see what she would’ve done.

      1. You sound just as entitled as she does, life’s tough get a helmet and maybe pick up dictionary 🙄

      2. All she did the whole game was whine and complain. She knew going out there she would be allergic to almost everything and have no food. T hat was just plain stupid! And to tell a group of people who desperately could use that money, that you already have that kind of money, is just rude. Why was she even there? to get people feel sorry for her? Even at the end she turned into evil witch Liz on Charlie, Kenzie, and Ben! She didn’t learn a thing or improve herself at all!

      3. no she didn’t deserve to go she was entitled and if she really wanted to go maybe she should have been nicer to Q

      4. being a smart person she should have known what food she was going to have to live off of! But I do think Q should have taken her. she should never have been on the show to begin with bragging how much money she had!

  2. I probably would’ve felt the same if I were her! Q was a piece of work! Hopefully karma will catch him sooner rather than later! Being allergic to everything they have to eat, I’m sure she was in a lot worse shape than the rest of them! I’m sure she was starving at that point!!!

    1. this is a game show, she had a choice of going to the show or stay home. She choose to play, knowing her allergies to certain foods and things. So why should she be given special treatments, especially if you wrote my name for elimination.

  3. Definitely one of the least likable characters in all 46 seasons of Survivor. Every week she didn’t get voted off was a disappointment. Also, if she’s as rich as she says she is, why is she eating at AppleBees? LOL

  4. Too much is made out of events seen on Survivor. People need to realize that the show is edited in a manor to get high ratings and whip up controversy to get attention.

  5. If she knew she had food allergies and couldn’t eat most of the food on Survivor, like coconut, I can’t help wondering why she decided to go on Survivor in the first place. She knew she wouldn’t be able to eat much.

    1. My answer is this….Typical Liberal. Feel sorry for me and everyone needs to change for the minority. Notice She got mad because she thought she was entitled!

  6. People forget it’s a game for a million dollars (and people forget others did not include her before and after Q)… at the end she thought she had played the best game and should have won which shows she was living in her own reality…the objective of the game is to Outwit, Outplay and Outlast…anything else is why some succeed in business and some do not… don’t take strategy personally in the game…

  7. if she wanted the Applebee’s then she needed to win the challenge. relying on someone else in such a game to take you is not the way to go. an added bonus perhaps…but you want the reward? then win the challenge.

  8. please Liz whined the moaned all game. if her allergies limited her eating Liz should not have competed. Maria deserved to win. that doubling up with Liz and kenzie wasn’t sportsmanship it was mean spirited. it was an individual competition Survivor aka Jeff as host should have nixed that stunt by Liz and kenzie. Survivor 46 wasn’t enjoyable to watch. many thought they were elite players far from it.

  9. Her “meltdown” was warranted (I’ve seen way worse – that was mild). She was starving more than the others; plus the emotional factor of Applebee’s being a fond memory from home. But as a player, she over-estimates herself. I’m still on the fence about that whole teaming up against Maria during a competition thing. That should be addressed because it could change the dynamic of the show. Still happy to see them happy back in the real world.

  10. I’m trying to understand why someone with such severe allergies to the foods she knows will be available, and who made sure to tell us she certainly didn’t need the money, went on the show in the first place.

  11. Why would anyone feel sorry for someone who 1. went on a show where there in nothing to eat most of the time but food you are allergic to. and 2. brags about having lots of money and not needing it in front of people who desperately do? Liz is not a nice person at all! She chose to go knowing her situation, that’s her fault. I hated Q too, but not for not choosing Liz, that was his right. Even at the end when Liz lost at fire, she lost it and screamed she could have won, she could have whipped all three of their rears. Not the word she used, with her ugly, angry face. She can’t handle losing period! She’s a poor sport, and not a good player. she didn’t even try to involve herself with anyone, or be strategic at all. She whined constantly, and then said she didn’t want anyone to feel sorry for her! Even now she’s still thinks she’s playing, she bought a house” and didn’t even need Survivor money to buy it!” Good for her, now go on with your life. She didn’t learn a thing. Her comment to Kenzie, Charlie, and Ben on the way out showed she was still nasty, vengeful Liz.

  12. Actually I did not like Liz from the beginning of the show. and I kept wondering why she wasn’t getting voted out. I will admit she was pretty strong-willed to go on a show with food allergies knowing that she was going to be really really hungry. But that was her choice. The meltdown, for not getting picked to go eat with Q, I thought was funny. Her reaction to that was how I saw her as an entitled person.So I’m glad she didn’t win.

  13. Liz was by far the most unlikable person on that show for me. She was entitled a ugly person inside and out. She cheated to help Mckenzie win. They both should have been disqualified.

  14. I was very harsh on Liz from day one. I did not think she should’ve been allowed on the show whatsoever in the first place. She knew what she was getting into from the very beginning so I didn’t see how on earth she thought things would be anything but a disaster! To then act like others owed her total daycare….she needed a caregiver! Her manipulating people to feed her and then the meltdown was the last straw for me. Nobody owed her anything so she had a certain built-in sense of entitlement that was so annoying. But you know what?~she made the finals she’s changed her life so good for you Liz!

  15. Liz is one miserable person. wealthy and rich people do not brag about their money. if she didn’t need the money why did she even go to survivor?. and I was very happy when Q didn’t choose her for the AppleBee dinner.

  16. The biggest point of confusion that I had with Liz was her thinking that she was a threat. She was horrible at playing the game. She never won a challenge and was an overall weak player. What made her think that she was a threat to anyone???

  17. If you can’t eat Survivor food, you shouldn’t apply for Survivor. I don’t think Q should have taken her, she didn’t win, period.

  18. It’s hard to believe anyone would feel sorry for Liz. She made her bed but didn’t want to lie in it. She didn’t deserve to go to the end. She also wouldn’t have gotten enough or any votes to win.

    Unless it is a team challenge there should be no blatant disrespect of the CHALLENGE. Individual challenge is a challenge for each individual. No where did I hear or see Jeff say or write Individual challenges can suddenly become a team challenge. it puts the rest if the players at a disadvantage. Isn’t that why the sit someone out if the sides are uneven in a team challenge?

  19. I love Liz , I think she is an amazing human , I also think that She would survive better than anyone on any Survivor show because of her allergies , She would actually make it farther than any of them because she can only eat certain foods . Survivor is my all time favorite show for years and I can’t wait until season 47 , come on Jeff hurry up !!

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