‘Star Trek: Discovery’: How It Ended & What Is Next?

Commander Nhan (Rachael Ancheril) on Star Trek Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery just ended after five seasons on the air. The Paramount+ spinoff series concluded the story seeing the Discovery captain, Michael Burham (Sonequa Martin-Green), trying to find the Progenitors’ technology, which was used to create humanoid life. Meanwhile, her crew set out to find and rescue her.

Here is how Star Trek: Discovery ended and what is next for the franchise.

How Did Star Trek: Discovery End?

Star Trek: Discovery’s series finale started where the penultimate episode ended. Captain Michael Burham disappeared through a portal and woke up somewhere with infinite gateways that led to exotic worlds. While there, she saw Moll (Eve Harlow). The two fought and then decided to work together.

Michael from Star Trek: Discovery | YouTube
Michael from Star Trek: Discovery | YouTube

They set out to find the Progenitors’ technology, which was used to create humanoid life. They then find an interface with communication from Book (David Ajala). Of course, Moll betrays Michael, but that goes wrong for her and things start to look bleak.

When she finally finds a Progenitor, it gives her a choice. She can become the steward and protect all this advanced alien technology, or leave it behind for someone else to find and return to her ship.

At the same time, the Discovery crew set out to find Michael to rescue her, led by a very determined Saru (Doug Jones). Before they could even find her, Michael returned to Discovery. She made the decision to send the alien tech far away where no one can access it. They used Discover’s unique spore drive to banish it.

What Happens Next For Star Trek After Discovery?

The best part of the Star Trek: Discovery series finale saw the storylines wrapped up. Dr. Kovich (David Cronenberg) made a special appearance and revealed he was temporal agent Daniels from Star Trek: Enterprise in a nice Easter egg.

The series then jumped into the future. Decades after these events, Book and Michael lived together, retired, and relaxed in their later years. Their son Leto (Sawandi Wilson) is now a captain and took Michael to the Discovery to watch it set off on its final mission.

Michael spoke to Zora, the Discovery computer, and the ship will go to coordinates in far space where it will remain as a time capsule. Michael sent it off one last time to go where future explorers can find it and continue the Star Trek adventures.

With Star Trek: Discovery ended, three franchise shows remain in production. This includes the adult animated series Lower Decks, the Netflix animated series Prodigy, and the only live-action series still going, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, a spinoff from Discovery that is a prequel to TOS.

What are your thoughts on the Star Trek: Discovery series finale? Did it wrap up all the stories in a way that fit the franchise? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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