‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Why Dannielle Merrifield No Victim In Marriage

Dannielle Merrifield, Nathalia Lima-YouTube

Fans believe that Seeking Sister Wife star Dannielle Merrifield is no victim in her marriage to Garrick Merrifield. There have been times when viewers felt badly for the mother of three and understandably so. Now, that sympathy has faded and they do not think she is all that bad off. How so? Keep reading for more details.

Seeking Sister Wife Why Dannielle Merrifield No Victim In Marriage

When fans first met Dannielle Merrifield on Seeking Sister Wife, it was clear she was just following her husband’s lead. Garrick Merrifield had convinced her that God wanted them to be in a plural marriage but that was not what she wanted. She prayed on it and eventually agreed to seek someone to join their family. They found Roberta from Brazil and even though Dannielle really liked her, there was a lot of jealousy. When Dannielle shared her feelings with Garrick, he did not care. Roberta exited the family and Nathalia came in.

Dannielle Merrifield, Garrick Merrifield-YouTube
Dannielle Merrifield, Garrick Merrifield-YouTube

Dannielle did not vibe with her but tried to make it work. When she expressed her disconnection to Nathalia, Garrick continued to dismiss his wife’s feelings. In fact, they were not even legally married as they divorced so he could wed Roberta. This added to Dannielle’s insecurities because he could leave at any time. Initially, fans did feel compassion but no longer. A Reddit thread was started to share that they do not think she is an actual victim. More so, she is okay with what is going down:

  • At a certain point we gotta stop painting her as a victim. She is fine with this man f**king all of these women, as long as they can make her feel important. I also think there’s a s*xual aspect for her. When Garrick proposed to Nathalia, she was giddy talking about them consummating the “spiritual marriage”. She loves sharing Garrick’s Lap Hog with strangers.

Is there some truth to what the OP is saying about Dannielle Merrifield being “complicit” in what Garrick is doing? After all, she does have it listed as the “official wingwoman to my husband” on her Instagram.

All Eyes On Dannielle

Followers agreed that Dannielle Merrifield helps to actively recruit these women for Garrick Merrifield. Though they have used dating sites and apps, some ladies noted they were sought out via social media. Nathalia Lima said she was contacted via social as have others who came forward. So, does she want to vet these ladies to make sure she can have a best friend who can also be intimate with her husband?

  • Yeah, she proactively contacts women on social media for crying out loud.
  • She also loves being on TV and enjoys performing the dramatic crying scenes
  • I think Danielle is attracted to Women, and honestly fell in Love with Roberta.
  • She’s definitely a predator . But, the ick family truly carried this season
  • She’s definitely no victim. She’s a predator as well; she participates in seeking out vulnerable women to be trapped by Garrick.

There are many different theories as to why Dannielle is no longer a victim. Maybe she was when the show began but she soon learned how to play the game and she seems to enjoy it.

Do you agree that Dannielle is not a victim but rather complicit? Let us know in the comments below.

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