‘Below Deck’ Kerry Titheradge Roasts Ben Willoughby

Captain Kerry Titheradge - Below Deck Bravo YouTube

Kerry Titheradge took over from Captain Lee Rosbach on Below Deck, and most Bravo fans decided that he seemed like a fair leader, but he clashed with Ben Willoughby. Well, he just roasted his promoted bosun and fans are there for it.

Kerry Titheradge Promoted Ben But Got No Thanks

When Bosun Jared Woodin left the vessel, Ben Willoughby was promoted from being a deckhand. However, instead of making the most of it, he started complaining to the junior crew members about his captain. Furthermore, Bravo fans noticed that he didn’t seem to take instructions well.

Deckhand Bill Willoughby [Source: YouTube]
Ben Willoughby – Below Deck – Bravo – YouTube
Kerry Titheradge later became the object of a public complaint by Ben. He said on his social media that he would never work under the captain ever again. Additionally, the seemingly ungrateful bosun complained that he nearly got a “written warning” for not getting his crew to complete a job. However, few people sympathized with him.

Below Deck Ben Willoughby Roasted By His Boss

On Reddit, a Below Deck fan came across something that Captain Kerry Titherage said about Ben Willoughby. The captain seemed upset because he claimed that Ben had first undermined “his bosun and chief stew.” Next, he noted that Ben then did “the same thing” to Kerry when he became “bosun.”

Below Deck Captain Kerry Titheradge Post About Ben Willoughby - Via Reddit
Below Deck Captain Kerry Titheradge’s Post About Ben Willoughby – Via Reddit

Sharing the post by Kerry Titheradge, the Bravo fan wrote:

Ahahahah! Captain Kerry annihilating Ben.

Well, plenty of people agreed it was funny, but also an accurate description of Ben’s behavior. Some of them also discussed Chief Stew, Fraser Olender. Here are some of their comments.

  • I’ve said it before but that is the worst quality in any person in a leadership position aboard ship…in this circumstance, Kerry seems like the easiest captain to deal with on any of the shows. He’s extremely transparent with what he wants and nothing he’s ever asked seems too much to ask.
  • [Kerry,] you follow up and provide feedback, and you coach and counsel, all without emotion. The drama going on with some of the crew is very disappointing but should be shut down [by] the dept heads, not encouraged by it.
  • Ben trying to get into stew drama again and Fraser immediately shutting him down was the best. He’s such a gossipy useless b*t*h.
  • 🐍 🤢 I was so disgusted when Ben said to the rest of the deck team about the bosun “I already feel stupider when I’m around him“ on like the very first charter… Like who the f–k do you think you are talking about your boss like that…It’s truly truly such terrible behavior.


What are your thoughts about Kerry Titheradge roasting Ben Willoughby on social media? Do you understand what he’s saying about his bosun? Sound off in the comment below, and come back here for all your Below Deck news.

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