Could Ben Warren Be Returning To ‘Grey’s Anatomy’?

Ben Warren

Fans are dying to know if Ben Warren could be returning to Grey’s Anatomy since Station 19 has ended their series. Ben was first seen on the medical show as an anesthesiologist. He then married Miranda Bailey. Ben has been seen a few times on the show since he became a firefighter. However, now that Station 19 has ended, fans wonder if they could be seeing more of Ben Warren on Grey’s Anatomy next season.

Ben Warren Wants To Continue Medical Career

Ben Warren told his captain that he wanted to leave the station to pursue his medical career. 

“Let me guess, you’re going back to finish your residency, no explanation needed, I get it. Look, you’re a great firefighter, but I know your love for medicine and helping people knows no bounds. We all have our calling.”

This made fans wonder if the door was left open for Ben to return to Grey’s Anatomy. It seems the showrunners have also thought about the possibility. Which is why they did not kill Ben off.

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Could He Be Returning?

It seems it is possible for Ben to return to Grey’s Anatomy. The showrunners for Station 19 revealed some information.

“We wanted to give options. We don’t have any kind of crystal ball about what’s going to happen, but we don’t want to lock in someone that didn’t necessarily need to be locked in, we could have killed Ben off in Episode 5 … but I think we’ve set up well that everyone is moving on or moving up and [medicine] seemed to be just the next place to take him.”

Ben was last seen taking his medical career path to surgery. Fans first saw him as an anesthesiologist. However, he revealed that he wanted to move into surgery. He did not end up finishing his residency when he decided to be a firefighter. Now, he is going back to finish his residency. So, it is a good possibility that he will be seen on the next season of Grey’s Anatomy in some way or another.

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It seems the door was left open for Ben to return to the famous hospital. Since he wanted to continue his medical career path, that leaves the perfect opportunity for Ben to return. Fans would love to see him come back. They would also love to see more of Miranda and Ben’s love story in the hospital. What do you think will happen? Sound off in the comments below.

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