Carl Radke And Lindsay Hubbard Reveal Truth After Montauk

Carl and Lindsay

Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard have finally revealed the truth about what happened after they left Montauk. Fans know the two called off their marriage before the season started. Now fans got an insight into what happened after they left. It does not seem good. Both Carl and Lindsay have spoken out on the issue. Keep reading to find out more.

Carl Radke Reveals What Happened After Montauk

Carl Radke recently revealed his version of what happened after they left Montauk. It is not pretty.

“We continued to have that same toxic dynamic that everyone’s been watching, unfortunately,”

He revealed that Lindsay was yelling things, and it was a mess. She was also throwing furniture in frustration. The two ended up sleeping separately for three nights before having the breakup conversation. It then ended shortly after. Lindsay claimed she was blindsided, but there was no way she did not see that coming. For some reason, she still wanted to marry Carl. The relationship was just too toxic.

Carl Radke-Instagram
Carl Radke-Instagram

Lindsay Hubbard Shares Insight

Lindsay recently shared a huge message on her social media. It is not pretty. 

“I’ve said it in different interviews the past few months, but I felt it all over again watching the finale. I truly appreciated having these girls and their support last summer, especially the last 2 weeks when things were really confusing and frustrating in my relationship, and nothing made sense.🥹🙏That last convo with the girls at Danielle’s apt was filmed exactly 48 hours after the breakup and I was an emotional wreck. The initial shock and denial had worn off, I couldn’t stop crying, I hadn’t slept more than 4 hours in 2 days, I couldn’t keep any food down, and was so confused about literally everything in front of me. I was honestly terrified and filled with anxiety as I walked in the door that day, thinking another bomb was going to be dropped on me, like that someone knew about something else/bigger to the story, and was going to share it with me. I’m very thankful that wasn’t the case”
That was only some of it. She also continued to say that she is glad the season is now over. It seems the two have gone their separate ways and do not have much to do with each other. Lindsay is now dating another man and Carl is happy for her. There does not seem to be much bad blood between the two which is good.

It seems the two just had a toxic relationship that was never going to work out. Fans have seen Lindsay get heated and say things she shouldn’t. However, Carl is no saint either. Now Lindsay is dating again, and Carl is focusing on himself. He is currently working with Loverboy, Kyle Cooke’s company. What do you think about what happened? Did you think their relationship was toxic? Sound off in the comments below.

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