‘Station 19’: What To Expect From Emotional Series Finale

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Station 19 ends tonight on ABC. The finale will finish off the show after seven seasons. When it comes to what fans can expect, the co-showrunners (Zoanne Clack and Peter Paige) only had a little bit of time to figure out how to wrap up the show for the fans.

It sounds like they did it right, as star Jason George said fans would need some “tissues” to get through the emotional episode. Here is what you need to know.

Station 19 Finale To Be Emotional

There have been a lot of angry fans watching TV this season. Shows like CSI: Vegas and NCIS: Hawai’i ended with cliffhangers. This means that the fans never got closure after all the hours they dedicated to following the shows and their characters. However, Station 19 will have closure because ABC warned them in time to finish it.

Screenshot from Station 19, sourced from Instagram
Screenshot from Station 19, sourced from Instagram

However, the finale might be a little more emotional and heartbreaking than some fans might have expected. According to Zoanne Clack, they wanted “a satisfying ending” but one that was honest and paid things forward (via TV Insider). “We want all of this to continue in the world, all of the good that we believe we are bringing to the world.”

The showrunners also said they asked the cast what they thought they should tell fans about the Station 19 series finale. “Have yourself some wine, but maybe also have some champagne and tissues because it will be an event,” Jason George (Dr. Ben Warren) said.

This should have plenty of fans worried after last week’s cliffhanger ending.

What Could Happen In Station 19 Finale?

Last week in the penultimate Station 19 episode, both Theo (Carlos Miranda) and Maya (Danielle Savre) found their lives in danger. When asked about the finale, Savre said that, “It’s going to be sad no matter what the final episode is.” She said they were crying themselves while filming it.

“The only way you can really prepare is to hopefully embrace the last episode and what the writers really gave our fans,” Savre continued.

What fans can expect — outside of possible spoilers — is an event episode. Peter Paige said that the cast and crew have done everything they can to make this a satisfying finale and it is the “hardest hour of TV” they have ever done.

Jay Hayden (Travis Montgomery) said when he read the script, he felt it was complex and difficult. He said he was skeptical, but he felt the result was both “heartbreaking and so fulfilling.”

Are you sad to see Station 19 ending? Are you worried that a fan favorite could die in the finale? Let us know what you want to see in the series finale in the comments below.

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