‘Sister Wives’ Why Did Paedon Brown Get Kicked Out?

Paedon Brown and Siblings -Sister Wives - Instagram

Undoubtedly, Christine Brown did the best job she could to raise six kids without Kody Brown being present the majority of the time. Recently, Sister Wives fans began to question why Paedon Brown was kicked out by Christine.

Christine Brown Works Through Challenges

Undeniably, raising six kids without a full-time father in the home had to be a huge challenge for Christine Brown. Although Christine was part of the plural family with Meri, Janelle, Robyn, and Kody Brown, it wasn’t easy to be solo frequently with six kids in tow. Kody and Christine share five girls, Aspyn, Mykelti, Gwendlyn, Ysabel, and Truely, and one son, Paedon. Primarily, Christine was managing her household on her own as the kids were growing up.

Paedon Brown from Instagram
Paedon Brown – Instagram

Undeniably, Paedon has a strong personality. Likewise, growing up with five sisters along with a huge plural family, it was hard to meet everyone’s needs. At that time, Paedon was struggling with anger and bitterness from his life experiences. In many ways, before the family made the move to Flagstaff, Paedon had become stagnant. Admittedly, Paedon Brown says his mother was the one to give him the boot out of the house, not Kody. So why did Christine kick Paedon out before moving to Flagstaff?

Why Did Christine Kick Paedon Brown Out?

On Reddit, Sister Wives fans bring up a discussion about Paedon Brown being kicked out by Christine Brown. First, the user says, “Peadon kicked out?” Then, they continue saying, “So I have heard several podcast and YouTube interviews with peadon and it’s been mentioned several times how Christine kicked him out the house before the move to flagstaff. Anyone have any idea why or has this been discussed by others. He was never ask why or what happens and I am generally curious..”

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Paedon Brown – TikTok
  • One user replies, “From an interview, he said that he wasn’t in school, and he wasn’t working either. Christine said to him that he wasn’t going to come to Flagstaff with them. He said, ‘It was like she was sort of kicking me out, but it was the best thing my mom could do for me as I wasn’t moving forward , if anything I was going backwards. I am glad she said that. It really was the best thing for me.’.”

Other Sister Wives Fans Give Their Thoughts

After the initial post on Reddit, other Sister Wives fans gave their thoughts on the situation of Christine Brown kicking Paedon Brown out of her house.

  • “I dont think she technically kicked hime out per se. She just told him he couldnt move to Flagstaff with them and he needed to figure out what he was doing. Aspyn, Mykelti and Ysabel all left at 18 bc she had a rule that she thought they should get of the house and experience being on their own. The only one of her kids that stayed at home while in school was Gwen and I think that had a lot to do with the pandemic. And for some reason I reacall hearing Paedon talk about this at some point. He didnt give a reason why but I recall him saying it was for the best and he really needed that push or something like that.”
  • Another user says, “It’s weird because Janelle let her kids stay with her as long as they needed. She didn’t kick them out but her kids always were moving towards a goal as well. Whether it was school or buying a house.”
  • “I think Paedon may have been in a bit of a standstill and she felt like he needed that push. Like you said Janelles kids seemed to be working towards a goal.”
Paedon Brown and Christine Brown -Sister Wives - Instagram
Paedon Brown and Christine Brown –Sister Wives – Instagram

Paedon Brown Thinks Christine Was Right

Admittedly, Christine Brown recognized Paedon Brown living with her at twenty-three without a job wasn’t good for him. However, Paedon acknowledges his mom saw his life wasn’t going anywhere with her allowing him to stay. Undeniably, she knew he needed a little tough love to help him grow and told him he had to leave. When interviewed, Paedon understood her reason for essentially throwing him out. Furthermore, he admits it was what he needed to spread his wings.

  • One Redditor says, “He did say that it was the best thing that ever happened to him. For those interested the interview is on surviving sister wives pod cast.”
  •  Another commenter disagrees with Christine’s approach. They say, “I have Sons similar in age to Christiens kids. I can’t imagine taking the tough love route that Christien did with her kids when they hit adult hood. Especially since back in the day, it seemed more to do with pleasing Kody than giving Paedon a fighting chance. I know that as a parent, learning when to let your kids fly is one of the toughest things to do. But judging by what we see in Paedons Socials, he really could have used more time to mature and more direction in adult life. Do you think Christien regrets pushing Paedon out of the nest?”

Peadon kicked out?
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What do you think about Christine Brown’s approach to motivating Paedon Brown to move out on his own? Are you ready to see more Sister Wives episodes? Drop your comments below.

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