‘Golden Bachelor’ Should Leslie Fhima Give Gerry Another Try?

Leslie Fhima - The Jason Show - YouTube

Leslie Fhima wasn’t the only person surprised when Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner dumped her for Theresa Nist, but now they are both free, should she give him another try at dating? While it might sound like madness, they do seem to be more compatible than Theresa was.

Leslie Fhima Loved Gerry Turner

The tears that Gerry’s runner-up shed when he rejected her after the Fantasy Suite soon turned into anger. Actually, many ABC fans liked the way that she let it all out. She loved him, and he hurt her very deeply, and she let him know it. In fact, she believed with all her heart that he would choose her.

Gerry Turner, Leslie Fhima - The Golden Bachelorette
Gerry Turner, Leslie Fhima – The Golden Bachelorette

Possibly, Gerry Turner meant it when he told Leslie Fhima that he loved her. Perhaps fans will never know what happened in the Fantasy Suit with Theresa. Whatever it was, it changed Gerry’s mind about Leslie. Did she commit to relocating from New Jersey? ABC fans can only guess. If so, she didn’t follow through.

ABC’s Gerry Turner & Leslie Should Try Dating Again?

A few weeks ago, Gerry Turner’s runner-up appeared on The Playing Field podcast¬†on YouTube. During her conversation, she denied that she’d ever date Gerry again. In fact, as far as she’s concerned, “that window’s closed” for her. However, she doesn’t “hate” him. Most ABC fans understand that. However, others might think they could be more compatible than Theresa Nist and her now ex-husband.

Golden Bachelor alum Leslie Fhima Discusses Gerry Turner - Playing The Field - YouTube
Golden Bachelor alum Leslie Fhima Discusses Gerry Turner – Playing The Field – YouTube

Leslie Fhima, Redditors decided, was “a class act” the way she found peace after being dumped. She explained that she felt happy for Theresa Nist, and wished her well. Now that The former Golden Bachelor is free, she could date him again. Here are some reasons why it might work:

  • They both loved Costa Rica and sometimes, Leslie holds fitness retreats there with her business.
  • Her job can be run in her own time from almost anywhere, so she could relocate to Indiana from Minnesota.
  • She loved him, but her pride got in the way of being Gerry’s second choice.
  • Gerry and Leslie made up their differences before the wedding which took courage from both of them.

While setting aside pride is one thing, and making up is good, can she ever forgive him for the way he devasted her? That seems to be the problem. Given that a lack of trust results in so many divorces, perhaps the trust issue overrules any possibility that she would give him another try.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that Leslie Fhima is well rid of Gerry Turner? Or, do you think that if she gives him a try, it might work out better than she expects? Do you agree that they seem more compatible than Theresa Nist and her ex? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Golden Bachelor news.

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