Jax Taylor Claims He Is Not Dating Paige Woolen

Jax Taylor

Jax Taylor recently claimed that he is not dating Paige Woolen. It is suspicious that he is saying this due to how much they have been seen together. Jax is not divorced from his wife, Brittany Cartwright. The two have been separated since January. Jax refuses to work on himself, and fans realize that. However, he has been seen out and about with a new mystery woman. Keep reading to find out more.

Jax Taylor Seen Out With Another Woman

Jax Taylor has recently been seen out with a woman. Her name is Paige Woolen, and she is a social media model. The two were seen going out to lunch for three hours. Paige picked up Jax from the home he once shared with Brittany in a limo. They then went out for lunch. They also went to a friend’s birthday party together where Paige yelled out “I’m pregnant!!”. Fans do not love the new relationship and how Jax has been acting. People think he needs to be focusing on himself and his marriage.

Jax Taylor
Jax Taylor

He Claims He Is Not Dating Anyone

Jax recently posted on X. He is claiming that he is not dating anyone. 

“I am not dating anyone and I wish you all knew the full story of this situation, Its not what you think. 😔.”

Fans immediately went to the comment section to voice their opinions.

  • “you’re not dating, but are you smashing ?”
  • “But you have to know it was not a good look to be out and about like that while going through a separation.”
  • “then why did you have your hand on her stomach at Jeremy’s birthday party???”
  • “I wish you put this much effort into saving your marriage and family as addressing your unfaithful action”

Well, it is safe to say fans do not believe what Jax is saying. Fans are also dying to hear what Brittany thinks about him going out and about with this woman. He has even met her parents.

Jax Taylor, Tom Schwartz-Instagram
Jax Taylor, Tom Schwartz-Instagram

While Jax claims that he is not dating anyone, fans have a hard time believing it. Maybe they aren’t dating, but they do not look like just friends. Especially since they went out on a three-hour lunch date together. She then made a joke about being pregnant. Fans do not love the new relationship and how Jax is acting. What do you think about Jax’s claims? Sound off in the comments below.

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