Is Greg Vaughan Leaving ‘Days Of Our Lives’ For Good?

Greg Vaughan/Credit: 'Days of Our Lives' YouTube

Is Greg Vaughan leaving Days of Our Lives for good? That’s what fans are wondering as the baby switch storyline comes to an end. Keep reading for more on the rumor that is swirling social media.

Is Greg Vaughan Leaving Days Of Our Lives For Good?

Greg Vaughan has played the role of Eric Brady on and off since 2012. He previously played Lucky Spencer on General Hospital from 2003 to 2009.

Eric has been a central part of the front-burner baby switch storyline currently playing out on DOOL. As the story begins to reach its natural conclusion, fans can’t help but wonder what the future holds for the actor. Will he leave the show when his leading lady does?

It’s already been announced that Ari Zucker is leaving the soap after 25 years. Nicole will leave town later this year. The news comes amid a lawsuit filed by the actress accusing former co-executive producer Albert Alarr of sexual harassment. The EP was fired in 2023 after an internal investigation prior to her lawsuit.Β 

Ari Zucker/Credit: 'Days Of Our Lives' YouTube
Ari Zucker/Credit: ‘Days Of Our Lives’ YouTube

Will Greg Vaughan be leaving the show too, so Eric and Nicole can finally be happy amid their decades-long romance? Should fans get ready to say goodbye for good, or is there a chance we’ll see Eric Brady stay in Salem for a while?

There hasn’t been any official word about Greg Vaughan’s future with the show. However, head writer Ron Carlivati recently teased that the baby switch storyline is far from over.

Fans Praise His Heartbreaking Performance After Baby Switch Reveal

Eric Vaughan proved once again that he is more than just a daytime hunk. This week, viewers saw him return baby Jude to Nicole (Ari Zucker) after it was revealed that Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) wasn’t the baby’s mother. However, as viewers know, Eric is the baby’s father, not E.J. (Dan Feuerriegel.)

Greg Vaughan/Credit: 'Days of Our Lives' YouTube
Greg Vaughan/Credit: ‘Days of Our Lives’ YouTube

Monsters & Critics predicts the whole truth will come out for July Sweeps.

When the secret comes out, Eric and Nicole could possibly leave town together. In the meantime, fans took to social media to heap praise on Greg Vaughan for his performance as devastated Eric handed over the tyke he had been bonding with.

While Greg Vaughan has left Days of Our Lives before and returned, it’s unclear if that will happen again. Until there’s an official announcement, DOOL fans will hope they haven’t seen the last of Eric Brady or Greg Vaughan in Salem.

Do you think the show will send Eric and Nicole off into the sunset? Sound off in the comments.

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  1. what’s the point if Nicole gets the baby back, Eric finds out he’s the father, and then Nicole leaves town? Eric would never let his baby go he would follow her that would be the natural thing, and if he doesn’t find out then that’s a slap in the face all the months we’ve been watching

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