Colton Underwood Addresses Criticism After Baby Announcement

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Bachelor Colton Underwood went to social media to share his thoughts on all the hate and criticism he and his husband Jordan C. Brown have been getting after their baby announcement. The couple recently announced that they are expecting their first baby together via IVF. Following their announcement, the couple has been getting hateful messages regarding becoming same-sex fathers. Keep reading to see what Colton has to say.

Colton Underwood Addresses Hate After Baby Announcement

Colton Underwood and Jordan C. Brown will be welcoming their first child in early October this year. They shared their son will be born via surrogate. They have chosen to keep her identity a secret but have noted they are very close to her and her family.

After sharing their struggles with fertility and their intense want and need to be fathers, there were many who reached out to congratulate them. While most were supportive and happy about their new adventure, many were hateful and full of criticism.

Colton went to Instagram to share his thoughts on all the comments he and Jordan have received. He captioned his video saying, “To the overwhelming support after the announcement of our baby boy THANK YOU! I always struggle on how to respond to mean comments, this time I chose to screenshot, delete and block. These are my thoughts and the comments from some uneducated people. Lead with love 💙”

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Colton Underwood and Jordan C. Brown/Credit: Colton Underwood Instagram

He Remained Calm While Trying To Educate

Colton Underwood spoke to all in his video and shared photos of the horrible comments he received from some after his baby news. Some said they feel sorry for their little boy having them as fathers.

Many also commented that there should not be same-sex parents.

In addressing the hate he and Jordan have received he also brought attention to the fact that many who are still in the closet are now more afraid to be themselves because they see how Colton and Jordan are being treated.

Colton Underwood and Jordan C Brown/Credit: Colton Underwood Instagram
Colton Underwood and Jordan C Brown/Credit: Colton Underwood Instagram

When they see the hate it causes many to realize they are not ready to be themselves. Colton wants to continue to educate people and hopefully have them see that they are just two people who really want to be dads.

One of the reasons he himself stayed in the closet so long was because he wanted to be a dad and didn’t see nor did he look hard enough within the gay community to see it did exist.

Colton and Jordan are very excited to become fathers and vow to give their son the best life possible. What do you think about Colton’s speech to all the haters?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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