Why Trace & Lydia Bates’ Ended Up ‘Sad’ On Latest Trip?

Trace Bates & Lydia Bates From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From Trace & Lydia YouTube

Bringing Up Bates stars Trace and Lydia Bates express their frustration following their latest trip. The 26-year-old mom has been sharing positive content about her family. She’s getting herself back on track after suffering a miscarriage last February. Most of the time, Lydia and Trace travel together with their son, Ryker. But the married couple confessed to feeling “sad” on their most recent trip. Keep reading to see why.

Bringing Up Bates: Lydia Bates Shares Ryker’s Latest First Experience

One of the latest updates from Lydia was about Ryker’s latest first experience. According to the Bringing Up Bates star, she and her husband brought their son to an aquarium. Lydia said that Ryker was so amazed by the fish he saw. “Such a fun day! Ryker loved seeing all the little fish,” she said. It also appears that Ryker did much better this time compared to his trip to the zoo in March, where he got scared of the big animals.

Lydia Bates & Trace Bates From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From Trace & Lydia YouTube
Lydia Bates & Trace Bates From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From Trace & Lydia YouTube

Why Trace & Lydia Ended Up Sad In Latest Trip?

In an Instagram post, Lydia shared a clip with her husband, Trace, lying on the bed after a tiring day amid their quick vacation. According to the Bringing Up Bates star, they’re stuck in the hotel room because Ryker goes to sleep at 7 p.m. This also means that they won’t be able to make the most of their trip. It also appears that Trace and Lydia Bates are already feeling homesick. “We love it at home but on trips it’s a little sad,” she said. The married couple also received comments from fans giving them advice about their situation.

  • “Hang in there! Those days seem long but you’ll look back in a couple years and miss them.”
  • “I use to put mine in the stroller and he would sleep. They should be use to sleep anywhere.”
  • “You don’t have to be stuck in hotel. Always bring your stroller with you all the time. Your baby will sleep on the stroller to go somewhere every night.”
  • “Bring him in the stroller and let him sleep while you soak in the pool or grab a dessert and go for a walk.”

Bringing Up Bates: Lydia Bates Stuns In Summer Look

Lydia also took to social media to share a clip of herself showing off her new summer look. “Now I’m ready for the summer,” she captioned. The Bringing Up Bates star had a hair makeover, and many are stunned by her transformation.

Lydia Bates has also been getting herself back into photography. Earlier this month, Trace’s wife attended Emma Langdon’s graduation to take photos. She has also clarified taking on only smaller projects amid her busy life as a mother to Ryker.

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