‘Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard’ Canceled After 2 Seasons?

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Has Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard been canceled after just two seasons on Bravo? The spinoff did so well in Season 1 that fans demanded a reunion for Season 2. This is much like what happened with The Valley when it appeared there would not be a reunion. So, what is going on with the show set in the Vineyard? Keep reading for more details on the fate of the series.

Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard Canceled After 2 Seasons?

After two seasons of Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard, it appears that the show may be on the cancellation list. It was the spinoff of the OG Summer House, which took place in the Hamptons. This time, twelve friends are all getting together and enjoying their time on the Vineyard. It is still filled with romance, drama, fights, and the things that make Bravo reality shows fun and exciting. The first season did not fare as well so getting a second season was a great opportunity for the cast and some newbies to show what they were made of.

Summer House: Martha's Vineyard Reunion Cast-YouTube
Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard Reunion Cast-YouTube

According to The Sun, the show will not film over the summer, as it would usually do. There is no rhyme or reason for this but like Vanderpump Rules, it is on pause. Though VPR is just holding off on filming Season 12, some fans are convinced the series is done. That is the same thinking viewers have about Martha’s Vineyard. They believe that the pause is actually a cancellation and expressed their frustration and sadness.

One fan of the series had this to say:

“Regular Summer House has been one of the most consistently boring shows on the network. It took them EIGHT YEARS to have a noteworthy season. Yet they want Martha’s Vineyard to be a blockbuster hit after two short seasons?”

Others had this to say about the pause:

Cast member Bria Fleming spoke out on the news which has many people rattled especially due to the lack of representation on the network:

Peacock, Baby

There is one solution for the paused shows and that is Peacock. Fans believe that Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard should be put on Peacock like RHOM was. When the show returned after a very long hiatus, it started on the streamer. It did so well there that it migrated back to Bravo where it has exceeded expectations. Hopefully, Martha’s Vineyard is really just taking a pause to reevaluate things and then will return better than ever.

Do you think the show is done or do you still have some hope? Let us know in the comments below.

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