‘DWTS’ Alfonso Ribeiro SLAMS Tyler Perry, What Happened?

Tyler Perry from 'The View' and Alfonso Ribeiro from 'The Jennifer Hudson Show' both sourced from YouTube

Dancing With The Stars host Alfonso Ribeiro is generally known for his upbeat attitude. But he doesn’t necessarily get along with everyone.

After a recent exchange on X, fans believe there’s quite a bit of bad blood between the former Fresh Prince star and creator Tyler Perry.

This appears to be the first time fans have heard about any alleged feud. So what exactly happened?

Alfonso Ribeiro Confessed Playing Carlton Banks Could Be Challenging

As much as Alfonso Ribeiro enjoyed working on the set of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, he admitted it came at a cost. In a recent interview, he said it pretty much cost him his entire acting career.

Alfonso Ribeiro from The Jennifer Hudson Show, sourced from YouTube
The Jennifer Hudson Show/YouTube

“Playing Carlton on Fresh Prince became a sacrifice,” he revealed in the interview with Closer Weekly. “I used to always say doing Carlton was the greatest and worst thing that ever happened to me. It was one of the greatest roles that I ever was fortunate enough to play, but it was also the role that stopped me from acting again because people couldn’t see me as anything else. The sacrifice was not having an acting career anymore.”

Of course, this prompted fans to come up with suggestions. Alfonso Ribeiro is still widely-beloved and no one wants to see him unhappy. And according to one X user, Tyler Perry might be the solution.

“@tylerperry needs to revamp @alfonso_ribeiro career, I just know he could,” a user known as @TRUlydgaf shared. The DWTS host noticed and had a very direct response.

“I dont need or ever want that man to do anything for me,” Alfonso replied.

Other X users begged Alfonso for more information. However, it doesn’t seem like he’s eager to dive further into the topic.

The Bad Blood Remains Shrouded In Mystery

At this point, the wider public doesn’t know exactly what happened between actors Alfonso Ribeiro and Tyler Perry. But as many X users pointed out, the Fresh Prince actor’s response came off as very aggressive. Whatever happened between the men doesn’t sound positive at all. And without further context, it’s not yet known if there is any hope of reconciliation.

But at this point, it’s probably a safe bet Tyler Perry won’t come anywhere near Dancing With The Stars. Alfonso Ribeiro confirmed he will be back in the ballroom this fall. He’s quite popular with fans, so his hosting gig will likely stand the test of time.

What do you believe happened between Alfonso Ribeiro and Tyler Perry to spark such a response? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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