‘DDWTD’ Darian Derrico Clashes With Parents Over College

Darian Derrico - DDWTD TLC YouTube

Doubling Down With The Derricos fans saw that Darian Derrico always seemed eager to please Karen and Deon Derrico, but recently, she disagreed with them about her college choices. Actually, she clashed more with her mom’s choices than with her dad. TLC fans also saw some other spoilers that revealed cracks between her parents in their relationship.

Doubling Down With The Derricos Darian Grows Up

In December last year, TLC fans heard that the oldest child of Karen Derrico attended the Tisch School of the Arts after being accepted for a dramatic writing program. However, in the current season of DDWTD, fans see that she clashed with her mom over her courses.

Darian Derrico - Doubling Down With The Derricos
Darian Derrico – Doubling Down With The Derricos – TLC

Ahead of that, Deon Derrico and Karen seemed thrilled to announce that Darian Derrico got accepted to NYU. New spoilers came along that later, Deon and his wife had a shocking fight about what their daughter should study. Certainly, it got heated and shocked TLC fans were not used to them clashing.

Darian Derrico Wants Control Over Her Studies

In a sneak peek for DDWTD this week,┬áKaren Derrico didn’t seem happy with her daughter. Meanwhile, Deon didn’t say much, but he also seemed to look uncharacteristically unhappy. Perhaps it’s because he and his wife also clashed over how long it took him to carry out improvements to the new house they were moving into.

During the discussion with her parents, the DDWTD star said:

I didn’t always want to go to school. When you say college can help you or whatever, I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s cool. But I don’t really know what I want to do.” So, I wish you kind of didn’t talk about it anymore and then let me do my own research.

Karen and Deon Derrico - DDWTD - TLC
Karen and Deon Derrico – DDWTD – TLC

Darian Derrico continued by saying that she appreciated her parents pushing her for her own good, but, she added, “I want to do this because I want to do this. I don’t want to do this because I feel…pressured or pushed.”

Naturally, Karen Derrico felt taken aback, because her daughter always seemed keen on furthering her education. She said in her confessional:

I’m pretty shocked right now because she’s always seemed excited about college. You know, she’s never acted like she was only doing it to make me happy.

You can view the discussion that Darian had with her mom and dad about college on this link here.

What are your thoughts about Darian Derrico wanting to plan her future without her mom and dad pushing her the way they want her to go? Do you agree that she should? Or, does her mom, Karen Derrico know what’s best for her daughter? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Doubling Down With The Derricos news. The show currently airs on Tuesdays on TLC.

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