‘Chicago P.D.’ Writer Discusses Burgess And Ruzek’s Wedding

Chicago PD Kim Burgess and Adam Ruzek

The Chicago P.D. showrunner has recently opened up and discussed the wedding between Kim Burgess and Adam Ruzek. Fans have been dying to know if and when the wedding will take place. Kim and Adam have been through their fair share of ups and downs. However, Gwen Sigan, let fans know the thought process behind the wedding. Keep reading to find out more about the wedding and how it may play out.

Kim Burgess And Adam Ruzek Complications

Fans know that Kim and Adam have had their fair share of ups and downs. Early in the series, the two failed in their attempt to get married. However, they stayed close throughout the show due to their work. Then, Burgess found out she was pregnant after she and Ruzek hooked up. The two decided to co-parent their child without being together. However, the child did not end up making it. Then, Kim decided to take in Makayla. Adam and Kim mended their relationship, and he moved in with the two. Ruzek proposed to Burgess by taking a ring out of the nightstand wanting to marry her.

Chicago P.D. Showrunner Discusses Wedding

Now, fans are dying to know how this wedding is going to play out and the showrunner gave some insight. 

“I’m very excited to get into it, so few times on this show do you get these really happy moments. I think it’ll be fun [to write], there’s definitely a possibility of, ‘Are we going to do the wedding next year? Are we going to do the planning? What are we going to see?’ So, I’m excited to figure out all of that. Their proposal was so them, they’ve been through so much and they have grown so much that it was just this very honest, small, intimate moment between the two of them. But then I also think about Makayla and that she’s going to be a part of all those conversations and wanting to be a part of [the ceremony], and Ruzek has this big family and all these friends… Is he going to want to do the whole thing? You could see them go either way. There’s probably a good middle ground there.”


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It seems the wedding is for sure going to take place on the show. The showrunners seem to want to keep Burgess and Ruzek together. Fans love their relationship and how it has progressed. They are currently raising Makayla together and have their own little family. Fans would like to see a small intimate wedding between the two and their close friends and family. It may be an emotional scene due to the struggles the couple have faced in the past. What do you think about it all? Sound off in the comments below.

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