Brittany Cartwright Slams Fans For ‘Bad Parenting’ Comments

Brittany Cartwright

Brittany Cartwright recently slammed fans for making comments about “bad parenting”. She was not afraid to defend her parenting skills for her son, Cruz. Jax and Brittany share a child, but they have been separated since January. It seems some fans have taken their opinions on the two’s parenting to social media. Now that Jax has a new girlfriend, there is more to gossip about. Keep reading to find out more.

Fans Comment On Her Parenting

Fans took their opinions to Instagram when they started talking about their parenting skills with Cruz. 

  • “He should probably be worried about his child [who] clearly is struggling with autism instead of girlies,”
  • “They could do a lot for the community and it sucks watching them run around and deny when your kids flapping, lining up blocks and nonverbal.”

There was a lot more to go with those. Fans feel as though Jax and Brittany are not doing enough for their child when it comes to his mental health. The separation cannot be helping Cruz either. However, Brittany needed to step away from the marriage to work on making a healthier environment for Cruz.

Brittany Cartwright, Cruz Cauchi-Instagram
Brittany Cartwright, Cruz Cauchi-Instagram

Brittany Cartwright Bites Back

Brittany was not here for the accusations. She quickly bit back on Instagram.

“You guys can reel in the drama of my life I don’t care but leave my innocent sons name out of it!!! Don’t act like you know anything about him watching 30 mins of a show recorded last summer. I do everything I possibly can for him so how dare some of you!? ENOUGH he is a perfect and innocent child and I will not have strangers acting like they know what’s going on in his life. Talk about me talk about his father I don’t care but enough is enough!!!!!”

She also went onto say she was taking Cruz to doctor’s appointments weekly trying to get him back to where he was. However, fans still think there is more they could have done.

Brittany Cartwright, Cruz Cauchi-Instagram
Brittany Cartwright, Cruz Cauchi-Instagram

It seems Brittany does not pay much attention to the hate unless it is about her son. Fans applaud her for standing up for what she believes in. It did shock fans to hear that Brittany had Cruz the majority of the time. Jax should have just moved out of the home they once shared to let Brittany raise Cruz in his home. What do you think about the situation? Sound off in the comments below.

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