‘Below Deck’ Season 11 Reunion Not Happening, Why?

There is no Below Deck reunion special coming after this most recent season. This isn’t new, as the reality TV show has started to phase out the reunions lately. However, with the explosive finale from Season 11, it seems like a huge missed opportunity.

Here is a look at why Below Deck isn’t having a reunion after Season 11.

Below Deck Reunion Special Not Happening

There were rumors that there wouldn’t be a Below Deck Season 11 reunion special following the regular season. While these are the shows that many fans look forward to the most, the franchise has phased them out recently.

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Barbie Pascual said that she thought a reunion would be amazing this season. However, when Hannah Ferrier asked Barbie if there would be one, the show’s star said she hadn’t heard anything about one taking place. It turns out that was a fact and the reunion won’t happen at all.

This is now two years in a row with no reunion special to cap off the season. The last time the series had a reunion was in Season 9, which was done virtually thanks to the pandemic. Fans complained about it being virtual. Now, there hasn’t been one held since.

After Season 10, Alissa Humber said the reunion special was canceled because of scheduling issues. However, this season there has been no word on why it ended up not happening. There are also fans who are not happy with Andy Cohen when he hosted the last reunion. Many wonder if someone like Kate Chastain could be a good replacement for him.

However, for now, there is only word that the reunion won’t happen this season and many fans wonder if there will be another one again.

Below Deck Season 11 Needed A Reunion

There was a lot that happened in Below Deck Season 11 that could have made for an explosive reunion. As the season wore on, the drama got much more extreme and fans wanted to hear why. This includes everyone from Cat and Barbie to Fraser and Xandi.

The interior team had more drama than usual. There was also the romance between Ben and Sunny that fans wanted to hear more about. The season also ended with an explosive moment as Barbie lashed out at Xandi after she made some harsh comments about Barbie’s work ethic. Hearing from Barbie, who packed up and left in the middle of the night, would be nice.

Fans also wanted an update about Barbie and Kyle and to know where Sunny and Ben stand after the season ended.

Are you disappointed there won’t be a Below Deck Season 11 reunion special? What did you want to see in that special if it occurred? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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