‘The Little Couple’ The Perfect Profession For Zoey Klein

The Little Couple: Zoey Klein

The Little Couple celeb Zoey Klein has grown up a lot since viewers last saw her on TLC. Based on the latest updates from her mother, Jen Arnold, many fans think they know the ideal career path for her to pursue as she gets older. So, what should Zoey pursue?

The Little Couple: Zoey Klein Has Come A Long Way

For many veteran The Little Couple viewers, they remember when Jen Arnold and Bill Klein first adopted little Zoey. From that point, viewers watched the little girl grow up, all the way up until the last TLC episodes aired in 2019.

Since then, The Little Couple fans have turned to Jen Arnold’s updates on social media to stay in the loop with everything this family does. For many, it’s not as good as getting to watch full seasons on television, but it’s enough to keep people current on all of the comings and goings of the Arnold/Klein family.

The Little Couple: Zoey Klein
The Little Couple: Zoey Klein/Instagram

TLC Parents Encourage Zoey To Explore Her Interests

One thing that The Little Couple fans love about Jen Arnold and Bill Klein is the fact that they have always been supportive of their children’s interests. No matter what it is that either Zoey Klein or Will Klein want to pursue, their parents are always there to support and encourage them.

In Zoey Klein’s case, she is very passionate about her art, and expressing herself through the art that she creates. Zoey also loves things like riding horses and more. So, there is a lot for her to explore as she continues to get older, and many fans are eager to see what she does in the coming years.

Zoey Klein With Her Mom - Jen Arnold Instagram

The Little Couple: Fans Think They Know The Ideal Job For Zoey

With Zoey Klein approaching her teen years, many The Little Couple fans are curious about what Zoey wants to pursue career-wise as she gets older. With her love for animals, many viewers think Jen Arnold and Bill Klein’s daughter should become a veterinarian.

This train of thought came up again recently after Jen Arnold shared a short clip of her daughter taking care of the rabbits they have at home. Zoey seems to have really taken to them, and many TLC fans genuinely think she should pursue a career in the veterinary field as she grows.


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  • One The Little Couple commenter said: “Zoey is sure on her way to be a veterinarian with her love of animals!”
  • Another TLC commenter chimed in, saying: “When kids are very nice to animals, it reflects their empathy, compassion, and understanding of living beings. Go Zoe!”

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