‘Survivor 46’ Champion Kenzie Petty Makes Major Change

Kenzie Petty surprised fans when she won Survivor 46. While many felt that Charlie Davis would win, Charlie’s ally Maria Shrime Gonzalez blindsided him and voted for Kenzie. Now, Kenzie is doing interviews and keeping up with fans as the new champion. In her most recent social media post, she showed a major change.

Here is what Kenzie Petty changed since her Survivor win was announced.

Kenzie Petty Shows Off Change After Survivor 46

Kenzie Petty won Survivor 46, but as most fans know, the actual competition took place last year. The show was filmed from June 3 to June 28, 2023. It then aired from February 28 to May 22, 2024. That means almost a year passed since Kenzie won and the season aired. The contestants, bound by NDAs, can’t talk about it until after the fact.

Kenzie from Survivor / YouTube

That means that this summer, Kenzie can finally tell people she was on Survivor. She also postponed her wedding, which was scheduled for last summer. Now that the show revealed she won, Kenzie revealed she got married after she filmed the reality show and is pregnant.

Kenzie just released a new photo of her baby bump with a major change. Fans who fell in love with her red hair and bright look might be surprised. On top of the baby bump, Kenzie showed off her new shorter dark hairdo.

She captioned the photo, “Taking it back to my roots.”

Kenzie Petty Living The Best Life After Survivor 46

Kenzie Petty then tagged her hair stylist in the photo (@smokedlacehair). She wrote, “Shoutout @smokedlacehair for giving me new life on this new chapter. I love you forever. Thank you for showing me true friendship and keeping me cute for the last decade.”

Her stylist then posted her own Instagram video that showed the transition from her long red hair to short dark hair. The stylist wrote, “Another cuz she’s cute and my soulmate.” Kenzie responded to that post by saying she was “purging the island energy.”


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Fans seemed to love the new hairstyle as well.

  • “Ahhhhhh I’m obsessed!!! you REALLLLY look like a pixie now”
  • “Cute! Your eyes are pooping! It’s a great time for a change”
  • “A strong official beginning to your ‘Mom Era.'”

On top of her pregnancy, Kenzie seems excited that she doesn’t have to work anymore except where she wants to. “I’ve been working my whole life,” she told US Weekly. “So the fact I’m able to see that I don’t have to do that because of this opportunity is really a blessing.” This allows her to take as long a maternity leave as she wants and enjoy being a new mother.

What are your thoughts on Survivor champion Kenzie Petty‘s new look? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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