Hugh Hefner’s Widow MIA After Explosive Allegations

Crystal Harris Hefner-YouTube

Hugh Hefner’s widow, Crystal Harris Hefner is now MIA after some explosive allegations emerged on the heels of her tell-all book. Admittedly, the former playmate was never in love with the Playboy founder. Yet, she still married him after dipping out on their first wedding. Now, after spilling the tea, her truth has been refuted and she is not happy. Keep reading for more details.

Hugh Hefner’s Widow MIA After Explosive Allegations

After five seasons of E!’s The Girls Next Door, Hugh Hefner’s main three girlfriends left the mansion. Kendra Wilkinson went off and married pro-football player, Hank Baskett. Bridget Marquardt set off to film her own show, Bridget’s Beaches. Finally, his number one lady, Holly Madison, headed off to Las Vegas to start over and star in Peepshow. She also began dating Criss Angel but the hit E! series still had to go on. Luckily, Hef met Crystal Harris and the Shannon twins who kept the show going for one more season.

Shannon Twins, Hugh Hefner, Crystal Hefner-YouTube
Shannon Twins, Hugh Hefner, Crystal Hefner-YouTube

Crystal was set to marry Hef in July 2011 but she ran out on the wedding, only to tie the knot a year later until his death in 2017. Things changed a lot in that time and Hef’s son, Marston Hefner went on Holly and Bridget’s The Girls Next Level podcast. He shares how Crystal controlled everything down to changing the will. Allegedly, she also controlled who could come and go to the mansion, leaving Hef sad and lonely. Now, it appears all of the bombshells have affected Crystal as she has gone MIA, per Reddit.

Crystal Harris Hefner-Instagram
Crystal Harris Hefner-Instagram

After seeing the way that Hugh Hefner’s widow had her Instagram, some followers wondered if they had been blocked. That seemingly is not the case as she is just taking time to rebrand:

  • She didn’t delete it. She “deactivated” it and changed her name. She’ll be back in a few days lol
  • She got called out in contradictions and doesn’t want everyone to keep saying she’s a liar. Just my opinion.
  • Everyone just needs to stop giving her the attention.

Breaking Crystal Down

Crystal Harris Hefner did write a book, her side of her life in the mansion but she also has claimed that Bridget Marquardt and Holly Madison bullied her. At the same time, the two ladies took to their podcast to correct the narrative. Allegedly, it was Crytal who bullied Bridget and started all of this. More so, there were some allegations that Holly was jealous of Crystal being Hugh Hefner’s number one girl. Yet, their time in the mansion never overlapped. The former girlfriends wanted Hef to find a great woman to take care of him.

Fans have asked why Crystal never reached out directly to Holly and Bridget to resolve all of this but she said they blocked her but it is actually the opposite. Finally, Crystal says she wants to be left alone but she just went on a full press tour and spoke out to Us Weekly. Never once did she debunk anything that Marston Hefner said about her being controlling. More so, maybe she needs time to rebrand herself and the crisis PR team is doing its best.

Do you think Crystal is hiding her head in the sand right now after a deep hole that she dug? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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