Brittany Cartwright Is No Longer Sick Once Leaving Jax Taylor

Brittany Cartwright

It seems Brittany Cartwright is no longer sick since leaving her husband, Jax Taylor. The two have been separated since January. Jax has also moved on quickly as he now has a new girlfriend and has met her parents. Fans feel bad for Brittany but are happy that she is getting herself back. Jax can be draining, and Brittany is finally starting to realize that. Keep reading to find out more.

Brittany Cartwright Was Drained By Jax Taylor

Brittany revealed that she felt drained by Jax. This does not shock fans. He was a toxic husband and she needed to get out while she could.

“He does this to me all the time. He always puts me down, I feel like Jax is sucking the life out of me. He is sucking away all my sparkle. How much more of this can I possibly take? I am starting to realize all the little things I have put up with for nine years of my life. I definitely believe in love, but what if love isn’t enough?”

Brittany has put up with a lot from Jax. She stuck by him when he was unfaithful. It seems Jax will never grow up.

Brittany Cartwright
Brittany Cartwright

She Is No Longer Sick

Brittany used to throw up a lot, especially when she drank. That is what Jax blamed it on. However, she has not thrown up once since she left him. Coincidence? No. Scheana revealed the information on her podcast. She also revealed that some of her other costars agreed that is was Jax and the relationship making her sick, not alcohol.

“I know just from talking to Brittany, she says that she has not thrown up once since they separated, whether drinking or not, I think it was stress-induced when she broke out in hives, like her body was having a physical reaction.”

Well, Brittany needed to get the toxicity out of her life to feel better. Emotional sickness can make you physically sick and that is more than likely what was happening with her. What do you think?

Brittany Cartwright-Instagram
Brittany Cartwright-Instagram

It seems alcohol was not the problem for Brittany, it was Jax. More than likely, she got sick due to how Jax was making her feel. He would constantly belittle her if she had a drop of alcohol. However, it seems the two are not going to be getting back together. Jax claimed he was not going to date again, but that did not last long. What do you think about it all? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. This is absolutely great news for both Britney and her son. Jax is crazy toxic it’s going to be rough co-parenting with him.
    I really hope she stays 100% focused only on herself and her son because his diagnosis is approaching soon. Therapy is essential while he is young and this road is intense.

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