Ashley Iaconetti Slammed For ‘Obnoxious’ Post About Son

Ashley Iaconetti and son Dawson/Credit: Instagram

Ashley Iaconetti, a well-known Bachelor Nation personality, has found herself at the center of controversy after a recent post about her son sparked backlash online. Some fans of the franchise took to social media to call the post out as “obnoxious” and “messed up.” Did her post deserve such contempt? Keep reading to find out.

Jared Haibon & Ashley Iaconetti Support Bachelor Nation Alum’s Book Release

Many Bachelor Nation stars have released memoirs or books about their time on the show. Bachelor In Paradise alum, Abigail Heringer, will join the herd of published authors in September with her memoir about growing up deaf in a hearing world. However, Hannah Brown has stepped outside the advice and autobiography genre into the world of fiction.

Jared Haibon, Ashley Iaconetti and son Dawson/Credit: Instagram
Jared Haibon, Ashley Iaconetti and son Dawson/Credit: Instagram

The Season 15 Bachelorette released a novel earlier this month. Mistakes We Never Made is Hannah Brown’s first publication of a two-deal romance novel contract she signed in September 2023. She previously released the memoir God Bless This Mess and a journal with the same name.

Her new romance novel’s release is perfect timing as beach weather hits. Her book signing tour took her to Rhode Island, where another Bachelor Nation couple has a coffee shop. Bachelor In Paradise alums Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon own and operate Audrey’s Coffee House & Lounge in Kingstown, Rhode Island.

Hannah took to her social media to give the couple a shout-out for hosting a book signing there. Ashley Iaconetti then reposted it on her own social media.

Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit

Ashley Iaconetti Slammed For ‘Obnoxious’ Post About Son

Supporting a fellow Bachelor Nation star isn’t what some people found obnoxious. In another Instagram Story slide, Ashley Iaconetti shared a stunning picture of her blue-eyed, blond son. “I feel so bad for his future brother,” she wrote on the cute snapshot.

The BIP alum is expecting her second child in July.

Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit

Bachelor Nation fans took to Reddit to slam Ashley I. for giving her future son self-esteem issues before he was even born. Many took the caption as her saying her unborn child could never be as cute as his older brother, Dawson.

Check out some of the reactions:

  • Is she assuming her other children won’t be as cute? Or is she saying she’s always going to favor one child over the other bc he’s better looking?
  • Everything I hear about Ashley and Jared Iaconetti is against my will
  • Joke or not that’s messed up.
  • She can’t imagine another kid being as cute as this one
  • Ashley I is just beyond obnoxious and I can’t believe anyone likes her
  • I usually defend Ashley I but she shouldnt have said this. the only way it can be interpreted is comparing her current son to the unborn one. whether it be for looks or whatever else. not great.
  • She’s already comparing them and the little brother hasn’t even been born yet? Not a great sign.
  • Ashley is an extremely bizarre person.

Do you think Ashley Iaconetti was comparing her future son’s looks to her eldest child’s? Sound off in the comments.

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