‘Chicago Fire’ Could Be Losing One More Star Next Season

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The Chicago Fire season finale saw the series say goodbye to a beloved cast member. That character was Chief Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker) and the moment was emotional, both on screen and behind the scenes. However, there might have been one other departure that the show kept hidden.

Here is a look at someone else who might have left Chicago Fire after the Season 12 finale.

Could Chicago Fire Have Lost Another Star?

The department team and fans at home were saying goodbye to Chief Wallace Boden. The chief chose to resign as he wanted to take on the role of the Chicago Fire Department’s Deputy Commissioner. He won that job and he will still show up in a recurring guest role, but is finished as a full-time regular cast member.

Carver on Chicago Fire / YouTube

The episode ended with the team saying goodbye to Boden. There were tears, congratulations, and well-wishes going around. However, some eagle-eyed viewers noticed that someone was missing from the party. Sam Carver (Jake Lockett) wasn’t there. Now, some fans wonder if he might be leaving the series.

Jake showed up for the first time in Season 11 as a transfer from Firehouse 132. However, Jake played a bigger role in Season 12. That is because he started a romantic relationship with Paramedic in Charge Violet Mikami (Hanako Greensmith).

Carver also opened up more this past season. He explained that he had scars on his arms because his brother pushed him into a bonfire when he was a child and ignored his cries for help. His parents didn’t believe him and decided his brother was a hero for “saving him.” It was part of what pushed Carver to become a firefighter.

Is Sam Carver Leaving Chicago Fire?

While Sam Carver was not seen at Boden’s party, he was in the Chicago Fire Season 12 finale. In the first half of the episode, he was part of the team at the restaurant fire. When Sam saw a young boy with severe burns on his arms and a father abusively yelling at him, Sam lost his temper.

Sam then told Stella McKidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) that he was taking some time off to get his head right. He was also struggling personally thanks to his relationship with Violet. No one could get hold of him after that and he no-showed Boden’s party. That is making some fans wonder if he is leaving.

While actor Jake Lockett has said nothing about leaving the show, Chicago Fire has had a lot of shakeups lately. In addition to Walker leaving, Kara Killmer (Sylvie Brett) and Alberto Rosendde (Blake Gallo) both left the show as well.

Do you think Sam Carver is leaving Chicago Fire after this season? Do you like his character now that he has opened up more about his past? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. l don’t want caver to leave. l think him and violet should continue there relationship and down the road get married they make a great couple. please don’t let caver. caver please don’t leave.

  2. No! Carver should stay and make his character a strong one for the team
    And keep him and Violet together. Let them grow. I’m sure the writers have others things coming up for 51 don’t let this be it! Constant change like this isn’t good for a strong show. Hold onto severide too.

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