’90 Day Fiance’ Is Amanda Wilhelm Engaged?

90 Day Fiance: Amanda Wilhelm

90 Day Fiance celeb Amanda Wilhelm has been one of the more controversial TLC cast members in recent years. Based on the latest tea making the rounds, is she engaged to someone new? What’s the latest?

90 Day Fiance: Fans Accused Amanda Wilhelm Of Moving On Too Quickly

From the moment TLC first introduced Amanda Wilhelm in 90 Day Fiance scenes, viewers spotted a big red flag. Amanda started dating Razvan Ciocoi just a few months after her husband’s death. Instantly, many viewers believed she was moving on too quickly.

This started the 90 Day Fiance speculation of whether or not Amanda started talking to Razvan when her husband was still alive. Either way, it struck many viewers as odd that she would jump into a serious relationship with a new man just a few months after being widowed.

90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days - Amanda Wilhelm - TLC YouTube

TLC Celeb Even Teamed Up With Scott Wern

It wasn’t a huge shock to any 90 Day Fiance fans when things between Amanda Wilhelm and Razvan Ciocoi didn’t work out for the long haul. After things ended between the pair, Amanda even popped up with fellow TLC attention-seeker Scott Wern.

The 90 Day Fiance pair teased making content together. Many viewers saw this as a blatant attention grab from both parties, in an attempt to remain in the spotlight. Of course, many TLC cast members do this, especially when they aren’t on a currently airing season.

Scott Wern - Amanda Wilhelm YOutube
Scott Wern – Amanda Wilhelm YouTube

Is 90 Day Fiance Celeb Engaged To A New Man?

90 Day Fiance celeb Amanda Wilhelm has already proven she is not above doing whatever she can to extend her time in the spotlight. Indeed, based on the latest tea currently making the rounds, it looks like she is engaged to a brand-new man.

Joel Zalazar, Amanda Wilhelm - Instagram Stories
Joel Zalazar, Amanda Wilhelm – Instagram Stories

Based on the latest updates, it seems Amanda Wilhelm is now engaged to a new man named Joel Zalazar. There are even clips making the rounds of this guy getting down on one knee and proposing to her. Of course, with the kind of reputation Amanda has made for herself, most viewers take updates like these with more than a few grains of salt.

It would not be entirely surprising if something like this was another stunt from Amanda to generate buzz and keep 90 Day Fiance fans talking about her. Based on recent fan comments, viewers seem to be taking this new development with a healthy bit of skepticism.

  • One 90 Day Fiance fan said: “Razvan was too good for her anyway.”
  • Another TLC commenter added: “She rubbed me the wrong way from the start.”
  • A third viewer added: “Was she dating the Romanian guy Razvan or something? The woman needed therapy before getting into a relationship with anybody.”
  • Indeed, a fourth viewer said: “Remember Amanda? She had the personality of tapioca pudding and was with Razvan. Well, she got engaged to Temu Pitbull!”

At this point, whether this is a legit engagement or just another attention-grab remains to be seen. However, it looks like a lot of 90 Day Fiance fans aren’t buying it.

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