Michelle Lally Reveals Daughter Is The Way She Met Her Boyfriend

Michelle Lally

Michelle Lally recently revealed that she met her new boyfriend through her four-year-old daughter. Fans are watching her marriage with Jesse Lally go down the hill in the first season of The Valley. Now, she has a new boyfriend, and everyone has been dying to know how they met. Well, it seems there is a cute and heartfelt story for that. Keep reading to find out more.

Michelle Lally Reveals The Way She Met New Boyfriend

Michelle Lally recently revealed the way she met her current boyfriend. It seems that her daughter, Isabella, is the reason. Michelle continues to be happy that they met in an organic way. Isabella and Michelle were at a coffee shop when Isabella started waving at someone. Michelle looked up to realize it was a stranger. This stranger turned out to be her current boyfriend, Aaron Nosler.

“So they had a little interaction from far away and I didn’t see it, and then I got my coffee and then left, and Aaron and I actually didn’t speak. And then it must’ve been maybe a couple of days or a week later, he saw us again and then it was kind of the same thing. So, Isabella was actually the introduction and it was just very natural.”

Michelle Lally
Michelle Lally

Aaron Nosler Gives His Opinion On The Meet

Michelle’s boyfriend, Aaron, also gave his opinion on the way the two met. It is also known that by what he said, he is around Isabella. This shocked fans a bit.

“It’s probably the cutest love story of all time, I mean, Isabella was waving to me, which, knowing Isabella, is rare to see her just randomly pick somebody across the room and just start waving.”

Fans love the way they met and the two seem to be happy. Michelle has talked about how she was never a touchy person with Jesse, but now she wants to touch Aaron all the time. Their story is adorable, and fans are here for it.


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It seems Michelle is happy she met Aaron in a natural way. It was not through social media, and he was not searching her out. Fans think it is adorable that Isabella is the reason the two have met. It was clear to viewers that Michelle was not happy in her relationship with Jesse. Now, people are happy that she is getting to experience feeling happy again. What do you think about their first interaction? Sound off in the comments below.

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