TLC Fans Disturbed By Emma Johnston Mothering Grown Jonah

7 Little Johnstons fans are shocked because TLC revealed that Emma Johnston ended up acting like a mother to her older brother, Jonah Johnston. He turns 25 years old this year, and Emma turns 19 in July. So, critics wonder why she takes charge of a sibling who already held a job for years.

Emma Johnston Is Left In Charge

So far this season, TLC fans have seen a lot of filler scenes for 7 Little Johnstons. Elizabeth “Liz” Johnston is expecting her baby with Brice Bolden and that’s the meat that fans want to see. So, they grow irritated because the show takes forever to get to the main focus. Therefore, that leaves fans of the TLC show with time to criticize Trent and Amber, who seem determined to become the mom and dad of their grandchild.

7 Little Johnstons - Liz Johnston's baby, Leighton - Amber Johnston Facebook
7 Little Johnstons – Liz Johnston’s baby, Leighton – Amber Johnston Facebook

Jonah Johnston’s dad told him to move out and get his life together in Season 8. Meanwhile, Liz moved out, got pregnant, and moved back home. Her older brother ended up back at home super-fast after his bad experience with Delta 8. However, some fans wonder if he took something much stronger than that. According to his mom, he ended up unconscious in a hospital. Now that he’s home, 7 Little Johnstons fans feel shocked that Emma Johnston mothered him when their parents were otherwise occupied.

Jonah Johnston Woken By Emma

On Reddit, fans discussed the fact that Amber and Trent Johnston left their youngest daughter in charge of the home. Actually, they seemed shocked because instructions included her waking Jonah Johnston so he could get ready to face his day.

Jonah Johnston - 7 Little Johnston - TLC - YouTube
Jonah Johnston – 7 Little Johnston – TLC – YouTube

Speaking about Emma Johnston being required to act like Jonah Johnston’s mom, an OP said:

Why is Emma in charge of waking up delta 8? The mom “passed” responsibilities to her child? Isn’t that kinda slave labor? … How weird was it for her to talk about Emma being Jonah’s care taker? Is delta 8 on the spectrum? In what reality is it okay for a grown ass man to need an 18 year old to wake them for work? Especially the minority they adopted. Super weird vibes…

Emma Johnston - Instagram
Emma Johnston – Instagram

Other TLC fans agreed and here are some of their comments about Jonah and Emma Johnston:

  • Amber’s mission is “Liz has a baby coming soon that I have to act like is my own baby and make all the decisions for it and Liz, so you are in charge of babysitting your adult older brother now”
  • If he can’t get himself up that’s on him. He’ll get fired a few times and may that will motivate him.
  • And why does Emma have to do it all? Why not King Alex?
  • Beyond cringe on so many levels!! When he said he’d prob. be moving out in the next year to move in with Ashley I wondered what she honestly thinks of the way he is babied at home. Will she now become his “caretaker”. I can’t imagine anything more unromantic!!

What are your thoughts about Emma Johnston having to wake her older brother up in the mornings while she was in charge of the home? Are you shocked because he’s an adult with a job? Sound off in the comments below, and come here for all your 7 Little Johnstons news.

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  1. Totally bizarre. Not only is Emma responsible for making sure Jonah gets up on time, now she has to monitor his room for cleanliness. In addition, Amber wants to control every aspect of Liz’s life pertaining to the baby. It seems they don’t want two of their children to thrive as adults.

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