Kathryn Dennis Belligerent Meltdown, Arrest Caught On Dashcam

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Former Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis was pulled over and arrested on suspicion of drinking and driving in South Carolina. The reality TV star, 32, was arrested on Monday night outside of Charleston at 9 p.m. EST. She was listed as the “offender” after a three-car collision. The dashcam footage has shown her tearful breakdown during her arrest.

Here is a look at what happened and the dashcam footage of Katheyn’s breakdown.

What Happened In Kathryn Dennis’s DUI Arrest?

Kathryn Dennis was involved in a three-car collision on Monday night and police arrested her as the offender responsible for the accident. The police report states that the two victims both said that Kathryn hit one of them from the rear, which caused them to then hit the vehicle in front of them. Since her car was in the back, she is liable.

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There is no word if the victims were hospitalized after the accident. The other two vehicles were stopped at a stoplight when Kathryn reportedly ran into the first vehicle. Kathryn had her dog in the vehicle during the accident. She rejected going to the hospital but when she agreed to a field sobriety test, she ended up arrested.

The officer said “probable cause existed for the charge of Driving Under the Influence.” There were several miniature bottles of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky in Kathryn’s car that were open and empty. She then refused a breath test and was arrested and given a $257 bond.

TheĀ Southern Charm star had a massive breakdown in the police car during her DUI arrest. The mother-of-two appeared on the reality TV show from 2014 through 2022 and left in 2023. The dashcam footage of her arrest shows her breaking down in tears as she went to jail.

Kathryn Dennis Breaks Down In Tears During DUI Arrest

Police say she had “glossy eyes” and alcohol on her breath. They booked her for DUI, and the arrest footage showed that they might have been right in this case. As she sat in the backseat, she blamed the police for not doing a “legit” sobriety test. She said they ruined her life and the lives of her kids because of this.


The police argued with her and she said they didn’t do the blood alcohol test that they should have and only arrested her because she had bad balance. She also mentioned her ex being a “felon” and knowing what would happen to her next. She said they were purposefully trying to ruin her kids’ lives.

When one of the officers attached her seat belt, she asked why he was so close to her. She said he needed to get out of her face and called her disgusting and she told him not to touch her (he never actually touched her). She then broke down crying and said she wanted her dog and they couldn’t take it to the animal shelter or she would sue them.

She then lied again about an officer touching her inappropriately when he was only connecting her seat belt and that ended the video. It seems she might not have known the camera was filming her the entire time.

Are you surprised to see how badly Kathryn Dennis broke down during her DUI arrest? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Kathryn Dennis was I believe 21 or 22 years old when she started filming the show Southern Charm. She probably already had issues with self esteem; agreeing to be in a reality show was a mistake. Bravo took advantage of that and used her to boost ratings. She was used by everyone on that show and especially by Thomas Ravenel. She needs to find a really good rehab facility and hopefully get more support from her family. Praying for her and her children.

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